Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello everyone!

Hope you had a lovely weekend, I sure did! nothing like being a new mom and have your family spoil you at every opportunity with excessive food and am all for it LOL! I will probably get back to work looking as pregnant as I left but am enjoying myself, my motto is, it took me nine months to gain all this weight, it will take even longer to loose it, am in no  rush, it's not like am some celebrity rushing to get back in shape for a movie role or a magazine cover, I was never in shape in the first place LOL and now even more so. As one of my good "cousins" would say Mazoezi na Diet ni's just not for everyone LOL! In the mean time am going to enjoy all the porridge, soups, nyama choma, chips mayai and my biggest weakness Pepsi as much as I can, my excuse is am breast feeding!!

This black dress is my favourite! I previously wore it on this post HERE 

I'm wearing: Dress ~ Splash Msasani Mall, Cardigan ~ thrifted, Bag ~ ZARA

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