Wednesday, May 11, 2016


And the maternity fashion chronicles continue!

Here is one of my favourites! I felt so cute in this outfit

By the way, I have made some few minor changes to the blog, do you like the new bigger pictures? let me know in the comment section please. 

Also someone asked me on instagram what do I mean when I say an item am wearing is thrifted? so incase you have also been wondering, well thrifted means it's "mtumba" or second hand bought. I pride myself of being a really good thrifter, am all about that bargain, over 80% of my clothes are thrifted, I will only spend a lot of money on quality shoes and bags, I love those fresh out of the box and these two items make an outfit so spend your money on them. But for clothes I prefer to thrift, it allows me to have an extensive closet without breaking the bank, however there are items you can't find as easily in "mtumba" and for those I do buy in stores or online, things like a good cut blazer, I don't mind spending money on that it's an investment, also maxi dresses or special occasions dresses, shirts or anything that I can't find while thrifting I would buy mostly online and currently Max and Splash at both Msasani and Pugu Mall are becoming my favourite place to shop, the quality is so worth it. 


I'm wearing: Dress ~ sammy dress, Blouse worn on top ~ thrifted, Sleeveless blazer ~ Thrifted, Bag ~ Asos, Sandals ~ Asos

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Aika Shoo said...

when it comes to pictures, the bigger the better but the loading time is a bit cumbersome. May be you should minimize the images by a few pixels.

Love from another thrift queen!