Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mint stripes...

When I was writing the post tittle, I thought of my own body stripes aka stretch marks and I thought I write something about them. How bothered are you about them? or about getting them if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant?

I think getting or not getting stretch marks is generally a genetics kinda thing, some people get them some don't, just like some people snap back from pregnancy in weeks and some will never be the same again. There are so many products out there for stretch marks prevention like bio oil etc., if you are newly pregnant then you might want to start applying bio oil or any other stretch mark lotion as soon as your bump starts to show, to keep the skin supple and moisturised at all time, there is no cure for stretch marks and once they appear you are stuck with them although you may reduce their appearance but they will not completely disappear. Personally I really don't mind my stretch marks, applying bio oil and lotion was out of the question because it was just too hot and I sweat a lot so adding oil would have made it worse, my only worry was if I will get loose wrinkly skin on my stomach after this baby because my skin stretched so much, that I would mind very much.

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