Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look book: 3

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed the previous two look books, this look book is also maternity inspired. One of the key things I have to mention about a maternity wardrobe is you do not need to spend your money on maternity clothes,  apart from the fact that they are never cute, it's also a waste of money in my opinion, instead buy larger regular clothes that are comfortable and can accommodate your growing belly but are still cute and fashionable, you can simply have them taken in by the tailor once you have had your baby the weight has come off.  Stretchy cotton material, flowy chiffons are your friends during this time. Another tip is when buying skirts buy skirts with an elastic waist band that will fit you through out or pencil skirts that have stretch in them, that way they are fitted on your body but still comfortable. You do however need to invest in larger more comfortable underwear, and comfortable bras that can accommodate your swelling boobs. Also for the working preggonistas, invest in a couple of smart blazers and cardigans, these instantly make you look smart and put together and visually reduced the size of your bump especially when your back has started bending forward because of the weight of the belly.

look one: Blazer ~ Splash Msasani Mall, Blouse ~ thrifted, Skirt ~ thrifted, Bag ~ Asos, Shoes ~ Asos

look two: Dress ~ thrifted, Blazer ~ Thrifted, Necklace ~ Mr.Price, Shoes ~ Mr.Price, Bag ~ Asos

Look Three: Dress ~ thrifted, Blazer ~ Mr.Price (very old), Bag ~ Asos, Shoes ~ Mr.Price

Look four: Blazer ~ Mr.Price, Dress ~ Thrifted, Shoes ~ Mr.Price, Bag ~ Mango

Look five: Dress ~ thrifted, Shoes ~ Mr.Price, Bag ~ ZARA

Look six: Dress ~ Thrifted, Blazer ~Mr.Price, Scarf ~ bought from a colleague, Bag ~ Mango, Shoes ~ Asos

Look seven: Cardigan ~ Max fashion Msasani Mall, Blouse ~ thrifted, Skirt ~ thrifted, Shoes ~Mr.Price, Bag ~ Dune London via Asos

Look eight: Blazer ~ Instagram boutique, Blouse ~ thrifted, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Bag ~ ZARA, Shoes ~ Mr.Price
Look eight: Blazer ~ Splash Msasani Mall, Dress ~ thrifted, Shoes ~ Mr.Price, Bag ~ Asos

Look nine: Blazer ~ Splash Msasani Mall, Blouse ~ thrifted, Necklace ~ sammydress, Skirt ~ instagram boutique

Hope you enjoyed this look book and found my tips useful!

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