Monday, May 2, 2016

Look Book: 2

This look book is dedicated to my pregnant fashionistas! I know its can be so tricky to figure out what to wear when pregnant, there's no need to wear unflattering frumpy maternity dresses and tops and those ugly maternity pants ugh no thank you ma'am. When you are pregnant your hormones are messing with you, so the last thing you want to do is look as bad as you feel.

This first maternity look book is for the early days, your first and second trimester. I hate the first trimester I honestly do, I get so very sick in the early days, nausea, fatigue, insane appetite and heightened sense of smell urgh I get so miserable, I usually take some of my leave days or sick days on the first trimester because I just do not function well at all in those early days. Then comes the second trimester my body stabilises, I get my energy back and my appetite gets under control and its all good in the world again and I want to look cute.

Anyways depending on your body and genetics, you may or may not start to show on your first trimester or second trimester, don't start wearing clothes that swallow you now, instead enjoy this wonderful gift from God, as long as your comfortable you can wear anything you want. Also theres no need to stop wearing your heels at this point, if your feet are not swollen and you are comfortable but do keep a pair of flat shoes close by.

Look one: Skirt and Blouse ~ Thrifted, Blazer ~ MAX Msasani Mall, Bag ~ Asos, Shoes ~ shovels

 Look two: Blazer ~ Max Msasani Mall, Blouse ~ Thrifted, Scarf ~ Mom's, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Shoes ~ ZARA, bag ~ Asos

Look three: Blouse and skirt ~ thrifted, Bag ~ Asos, Shoes ~ Kate Spade

 Look four: Blouse and Skirt ~ thrifted, Bag ~ thrifted, Shoes ~ Asos

Look five: Dress ~ thrifted, Blazer ~ thrifted, Necklace ~ sammydress, Bag ~ ZARA, Shoes ~ Newlook

 Look six: Blouse and Skirt ~ Thrifted, Shoes ~ Asos

 Look seven: Blouse and Skirt ~ Thrifted, Blazer ~ Max Pugu Mall, Bag ~ H&M, Shoes ~ Asos

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