Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comfy Cozy...

You need this Kimono/ robe in your life! If you like spending the day in your pyjamas as much as I do, it's my recent obsession! Before I had the baby I knew since I was going to be home for three months, and a majority of that time will be spent at home in my bedroom with the baby I needed comfortable clothes/ pyjamas. 

I sleep when the baby sleeps and am awake when he's awake, am exclusively breastfeeding, no formula milk at all! so being comfortable is key, I got some cute cotton blend night dresses with matching robes from Maxi fashion, and this beautiful Ankara kimono one from @marianna_kollexion, so during the week when it's just me the babies and dads, I have no need or desire to be dressed up, I simply cuddle with my baby in bed with my phone and laptop and we sleep the day away. 

I'm wearing: Kimono/robe from @marianna_kollexion on instagram follow her for affordable casual kitenge pieces such as this, T-shirt dress underneath ~ Woolworth

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