Monday, May 9, 2016

Colour pop...

Hello again!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

A happy belated mother's day to all the mom's out there, my message to you is don't be a frumpy mommy!! Always remember to make time for yourself to do things you like without the kid/s and just enjoy being alone, pamper yourself, get that mani and pedi, get your hair done or go shopping, a lunch by yourself, go to the beach anything you like to do, it's not selfish and definitely doesn't make you a bad mom to want to spend time away from your kids, if anything it makes you a better mom because a little time away gives you time to unwind, keep you sane, think of your life goals and priorities , when you get back home, you are a happy recharged mom once again instead of a stressed out grouch yelling and shouting.

Now back to maternity fashion, Maxi's are a must in your third trimester wardrobe whether it be skirts or dresses, because apart from being very comfortable, they hide your swollen feet, they hide the fact that you are wearing flip-flops and couldn't care less or if your feet are ashy since well with the bump its hard to reach down and put lotion on them and honestly you don't even want to, no one needs to know whats happening on your feet. 

I found this beautiful floral one at Maxi Msasani mall, it was pricey but the quality is very good and since its not a maternity dress I can still wear it even after the baby.

I'm wearing: Dress ~ Msasani Mall, Blazer ~ thrifted, bag ~ Asos

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Elsa said...

Ok ok woman say it loud where exactly do you thrift these blazer.. they are so nice and new. the cutting is good.