Monday, December 14, 2015

Feeling some "Taupe" way...

Hello lovelies,

It's another beautiful week! Counting down to Christmas!! For some reason this Christmas isn't so appealing to me, because am going to be working right up to Christmas, I'm worried if I will have enough time to get some shopping done for the kids, decorate the house, I'm heavily pregnant, it's too damn hot, that I don't even want to go outside. Hopefully by the time I get the house decorated I will be feeling the Christmas spirit, I always feel good whenever I see a beautiful Christmas tree. Though I do wish I was somewhere cold and  freezing.

I'm wearing: Linen Blazer ~ Max Fashion (Pugu Mall), Bag ~ H&M, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Blouse Thrifted, Shoes ~ Asos

Wishing you all an awesome blessed week ahead!! 




Anonymous said...

Hi Anitha,

Hongera mama napenda fashion yako haswa unavyodesign nguo za hongera kwa kuwa strong sasa naomba msaada nataka agizia vitu from Asos sijui na pia how do they reach me ukizingatia delivery kwa bongo hakuna adress. how do u help me nina uhakika tupo wengi ambao tungehitaji msaada wako. thanks in advance

Elsa said...

Clean polished look.

Anonymous said...