Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello everyone! 

Adele got me like Helloooo!! Isn't that song amazing!? got me tingling and feeling all  types of emotional and stuff so deep I love that woman and am so happy she's back and in honour to her comeback I also decided to make my official comeback and yes this time am serious about it LOL...
I mean my last excuse was I just had a baby and that I started work again and I was busy blah bah blah well guess what am about to have my third baby and eish is about to get very real LOL. I have really missed blogging but I guess I lost the motivation, it really takes a lot of planning and work to put out blog content and I am always amazed and inspired by bloggers who are consistent at it, planning outfits, picking location for photoshoots, editing and finally uploading and then you have to think of some catchy tittle and an interesting story to telly especially if you are as chatty as I am...But even though I have not been blogging I have been documenting all my favourite work looks through instagram so if you follow me there then you know I have been keeping stylish LOL. 

Here's one of my and white and pink put them together and it just works no!?

When I was in college many many years ago, pink was my favourite colour, I wore it top to bottom, all my things were pink, my bucket, towels, soap dish, handbags, bedsheets everything! I even nicknamed my self pinkie and my books had Pinkilicious written on them LOL ahh those were the days!! I still have a lot of love for the colour but now I just embrace all colours in general and I don't think I have a particular favourite favourite!!

rocking my toyokalon crotchet braids, I am addicted to crotchet...and am working on launching my own youtube channel where I will be showing you all my new skills that I have learned in the past two years I have been away.

I'm wearing: Blazer ~ Mr.Price (Old) polkadot top ~ Thrifted, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Tights ~ Woolworth, Shoes ~ Asos, Bag ~ River Island via Asos, Necklace ~ Springfield (Msasani Mall)


Elsa said...

Awht. Am glad your back. I missed you so much.
A very congratulation for on Ur third journey, though always when u in this condition u will be mia for two years. Pls pls make this time a journey with us. we will encourage you to stay here with us especial me.
Another I want to ask when Am I getting thrift stuff, like the last time. I clean my closet when i hear Ur pregnant "wink" I am serious..
think about it...

tuni said...

anitha.. i hope u r back for good (still fingers crossed maana sikuamini amini)..but please don't disappear on us again..congratulations on ur journey n welcam back.!!