Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bloody pink...

Hello loves,

sorry I have been missing again this week, I got really sick this past weekend, and all I could do was sleep, I'm still not completely but today wasn't too bad am thankful. I know you want to see the pregnancy diary and I promise I will get to them after am done with these or maybe I should mix them up? any ideas?

I'm wearing: Bag ~ ZARA; Skirt, bouse, blazers and shoes ~ Thrifted




Anonymous said...

Pole mami, may you get well soon! God bless you!

As for pregnancy diary, I think itakua nzuri uki mix!

so excited...

Mom to be!

Elsa said...

How are you dear..

Hope u will be okay, just whether so it will pass. Last weeekend I passed on mitumbani, and catch up a very good Hermes bag pure leather but the buckle was worn out, kept stare and ask my self #whatwould anithado# lol

Anitha Anthony said...

Thank you! And congratulations!

Anitha Anthony said...

Lol Elsa thank you love...i cracked up so much when i read your comment...well Anitha would be sad but she would let the bag go 😢