Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A dash of pink...

Hello again,

blogging two days in a row, that's a new record, I do believe m getting my rhythm back.

I'm wearing: Blouse ~ Thrifted, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Waistcoat ~Thrifted, Bag ~ Asos, Heels ~ Asos

As usual am in a hurry , can't write much, am using my hubby,s laptop because the baby broke mine SMH kids I tell you, he just dragged the whole thing and slammed it to the floor just like that. Hubby is not the most patient man LOL though he has to be because am the slowest person on earth, I'm a woman after all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anitha. Im soo happy you are back. pls keep this record going..we love yooou

Elsa said...

Ohh girl, i dont knw where you go for thrift but you always get nice stuff, loves the pencil skirt you pull.