Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hello everyone! Happy new year!!! 

Yes yes I know it's practically half year, but this is my first blog post this year so humor me...How have you all been!!? 

...I am finally back to blogging and I couldn't be happier, it has been far too long since my last post, I don't even want to know exactly how long, there has just been so much changes happening in my life that blogging just had to be put aside for a while because I no longer had the time or energy for it anymore. 
Since I was not working and hardly ever going out of the house I had absolutely nothing to blog about and I was also very self conscious about my body, I felt huge, old and clumsy, nothing fit me right. Last November I got a job again and started working and since nothing at all fit including all my shoes which I sold and some gave away, I had to start buying clothes and shoes from scratch, in the beginning I just bought a few basic skirts and a couple of blouses to get me by and I kept telling myself that I will buy clothes when I loose the weight or at least some of it, especially on my tummy and then I will get back to blogging. 
I have had really hard time figuring out what to wear and I started following a lot of plus size bloggers to get ideas and inspiration and I realized there must be lots of my blog readers going through the same challenges am going through.  So even though am I'm still on the weight-loss journey am not going to get obsessed about it, I will enjoy the journey and love my body as it is now with all my lovely lady lumps and humps. I enjoy dressing up and I won't let my weight stop me, I just need to find what works best with what I have now.

I'm wearing: Blazer ~ Thrifted, Blouse ~ Thrifted, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Shoes ~ Asos