Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Black Out...

This week is going to be for all the forgotten pictures that never made it to the blog...like these ones that we took after the wedding...we were supposed to have a pre-wedding/ engagement photoshoot but thanks to a million last minute things we never did so we had it after we got back from our honeymoon at the Pixel Photography Studio...these are the ones I took alone was in my zone in front of the camera werkin it like a true blogger, it's an occupational hazard LOL...I love how the pictures came out...

I'm wearing: Asos dress ~ Bongoshopaholics, heels ~ Bershka, earrings ~ Newlook

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello there...

Hello dolls,

I did my disappearing act on you again...motherhood is a full time job and that's my excuse for everything these days hehehe, the only thing I care about wearing is my nursing bras, loose vests or dresses I can easily pop a boob in quickly for the baby and khanga and that don't make for interesting outfit posts.

I love how vibrant this kitenge maxi skirt is! This was my Kitchen party Sare, though I wore a different kitenge from the guests, I'm  glad I saved my self a piece of the Sare...I actually wore this on Easter but forgot about these pictures...
boobage tho' LOL

Wearing: Kitenge Maxi Skirt ~ Bonafide, Bandeau top ~ Gifted, Denim Jacket ~ random, Shoes ~ Bershka, earrings ~ MayaVintageBoutique

Friday, May 2, 2014

My heart on my skirt...

Hello everyone! 

Two post in one week yeey! I do believe we are getting back to normal!! I can't whine enough about how hard it is to dress up now, I find myself looking for maxi everything because I just don't think anything else will look good, how terribly basic!!

But I strongly believe you can look good no matter what size you are or shape, you just have to find what works for you which is what am currently doing while I work on loosing this weight slowly and in a healthy. Maxis may be basic but they are comfortable, they don't hug you in any unflattering way and when worn and accessorized right, can be casual or dressy depending on the occasion. 

I found this beautiful kitenge at Mnazi mmoja last year while looking for my kitchen party sare, had it made into this free size maxi skirt with an elastic waist band so that even when I loose weight I can still wear it without having to alter it...I'm going to be making more of these for sale later on so watch this space!

Check out my receding hair line! all braiding I did while I was pregnant did a good of a job in growing out my hair, it's really long now, but the braids were done so tightly, each time and each repair was taking a little bit of the weaker hair on my hairline...it's time to get a weave on and grow it out before my next re-touch. 

I'm wearing: African print skirt ~ AnithasCloset, Black Tshirt ~ Bongoshopaholic, Black Blazer ~ Random brand, Box Clutch ~ Thrifted, Heels ~ Kelsi Dagger from Viatuzi, Earrings ~ kkoo

Have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Spring somewhere...

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful Weekend and Independence day...my weekdays and weekends are the just the same so the only thing I appreciate about the weekend now is that my husband is home all day and we get to do family stuff together or go out and the best part is when he makes something for us, not to brag but my husband is one hell of a cook and his fried chicken is the best!!!! 
Now that baby Andrey is three months old, it's time I start getting some activity in my life, and the best part is I can take him around with me, he is such a happy curious baby so all the new things around will keep him entertained. I'm also going to start working out slowly, I'm joining a gym close to home this week and starting a strength training program I'm at 80kgs now and my belly is still very big, my biggest fear if having loose skin on the belly because I stretched so much. 

When I got pregnant I purged my closet, took out almost everything, So I don't have a lot of clothes left, most of it don't fit but it's great starting to build it up again, but its pretty frustrating finding clothes in my current size, my waistline is non existent and I feel so ridiculous when I wear skirts and tuck in like this and I find myself more and more drawn to big maxi dresses. This pearly white blouse is one of my new additions to the closet, a thrift find from Karume, isn't it so pretty? and this maxi skirt in cobalt blue is from Mr.Price, I don't like the material very much but I love the colour, shape of it and the length and you already know this floral this blazer which is perfect for spring. I have to say I have lost my strut completely, I can't walk in my heels at all, I feel heavy and wobbly and my feet have also grown a size these shoes hurt a lot, I went to church in heels last Sunday and I ended up walking around barefoot LOL, I need to practice walking on them.

The best thing about all the time I spend indoors is my complexion, my skin is looking good away from the sun. I have also started wearing makeup more, now that am 30 years old it's time, am learning what works for me and what doesn't, I watch a lot of make up tutorials on youtube and practice whenever am bored, I'm really into this strong eyebrow look now.

I'm wearing: Blouse ~ Thrifted, Blazer ~ Thrifted, Skirt ~ Mr.Price, Heels ~ Zara, Clutch ~ Random
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm back!!!

Hellooooo everyone!!

It's been a minute, okay well a couple of months LOL...first off Happy New Year!!! I hope it has been good to you so far, I know it's a little late it being April and all but I haven't been in here since early December so I owe you one.

In case you are following me on my facebook page (if you are not, you totally should LOL) then you know am a mommy again yeeey! My son Andrey was born on the 23rd January, via a somewhat emergency Csection weighing 4.1 kgs. I say emergency c-section because up to the last week of my pregnancy I was still clear for a normal delivery and was just waiting for labour to kick in, but on my last checkup my doctor was worried about the size of my belly (i mean look at it LOL) and was concerned the baby may be a too big for me to push without hurting both of us (me and the baby) and he suggested that the safest option would be a csection, I was terrified! It was not something that I was expecting at all because up to the last moment I had had a healthy no complication pregnancy except for the crazy weight gain, I was gaining exactly 10 kilos every month, and by the end of the pregnancy when I started weekly checkups I was gaining 3 kilos a week so by the time I delivered I weighed around 100kgs and crazy stretch marks!!!everyone thought I was expecting twins and I must say even I expected to come out of surgery and see twins LOL! babies even though the ultrasounds clearly showed one baby.

This was after I checked in at the hospital a day before my surgery, my feet were swelling up so bad in the end because of the weight but my pressure was perfectly normal, during the last weeks every thing was painful, sitting was painful, sleeping was impossible, walking was painful I was just limping along but I hated sitting at home so whenever I got  a chance I was up and about the only problem is how much people stared and wo can blame them this is major big and with my short frame I look like am about to tip over LOL.

My surgery went well no complications there though my pressure went up the minute they rolled me into the theater a.k.a the most ugliest scariest room I have ever seen in my life! the people in masks and boots, I mean rain boots whaaat!? didn't know people wore rain boots in theater and why is the operating table so narrow and hard? and it had this old green stained looking sheet on it ewww!! I'm glad they didn't just kill my bottom half for the operation because the last thing I want to be aware of is someone gutting literally me no way! I woke up to excruciating pain, I don't know why they didn't give me pain medication right away all I know I woke up and started crying from the pain when they were rolling me to the recovery room, I met my husband and the moms outside waiting anxiously, apparently the hubby had broke down crying from happiness when they came to tell him that the surgery went well and the baby was fine LOL such an emotional guy...it was good to see their happy faces even though I was in so much pain I was crying. I don't know why I wasn't given pain medication soon after, I mean when I heard that most women prefer a c-section to a normal birth I always thought a c-section was easy and painless and that was not the case for me at all, when I had Alyssa my labor was painful yes but it ended as soon as she was out and on my chest literally, so this was a strange experience I can't lie am the biggest chicken when it comes to Pain I can't handle it well. 

I couldn't wait to see my son before I slept, we had missed that bonding experience of right after birth and I didn't want to waste any more time...And finally we met, my precious Andrey after nine months of waiting!

                                  Happy papa...

                                 ready to go home...

my fingers look like little sausages here, everything got fat.

and I felt well enough to fix my eyebrows and apply some lip gloss plus tons of concealer for my eye bags, can't have people visiting me looking all punched up LOL even though I was feeling as if the pain would never end. 

                                                           His little feet...precious!!

who ever created the pacifier was a genious! my mother hates it says it gives the baby gas, didn't find anything on google (Yes am a google mom, I google everything! LOL) that says that is a definite fact so we still use it because its keeps him calm when hes bored and helps him fall asleep and it stops him from sucking his hands which will end up with him sucking his thumb, I wish I had used it when I had Alyssa because she started sucking her lower lip when she was a baby, she's four now and she still sucks her lip.

I was so worried my spoilt princess will feel jealous of the new baby taking all the attention but it's quite the opposite she adores him, the minute we arrived home she was all over him holding his little hands, very possessive of him, asking to hold him and she's obsessed with smelling his hair. 

My babies...

Dada mkubwa, she begs and begs to carry the baby and since the baby can control his neck now I let her, training her to be a good sister, her brothers keeper.

Andrey is now two months old and seventeen days old, he is not so fussy at night and I'm getting some sleep, I find it more effective to sleep when he sleeps but its hard sleeping during the day and am addicted to Telemundo LOL am following all the telenovelas plus am now foolowing Revenge, Scandal, Single ladies, Vampire Diaries and The Originals and cant wait to watch the first episode of Game of thrones so am far from bored. 

I'm slowly loosing the weight thanks to breastfeeding, I have lost 23 kilos already, am not going to diet because am breastfeeding, my belly is still huge I still look pregnantl, I havent been doing the whole tying with khanga bit everytime I try I get so uncomfortable I take it off, I know am going to regret this when I have a huge belly that wont go away but I hope I can get rid of it when I start exercising, I have already started walking in the evening and I do squats, lunges and jumping jacks to tone up I forget most days though LOL...