Monday, September 23, 2013

One day at a time...

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend, I had a great Saturday out of the house for the first time in a week, spent a few hours at Bongoshopaholics, got my nails and hair done and that always puts me in a happy mood. I had a full house on Sunday with my mama formally visiting my new home for the first time and that's a big-to-do in my Nyambo/Haya culture, cooked all day (not my  most favourite thing to do, I confess LOL) all in all it was a great day spent with family and friend...until Manchester lost big and hubby's day was ruined...I feel your pain Manchester fans (hello Vivette hehehe) am so glad am not a football or any sports fan LOL, I'll watch but I won't lose sleep over it (not a single athletic bone in me)

Just another easy comfy weekend outfit wearing all black, with my scarf to add some elegance.

I have always wanted to get curls like these done on my hair, but all the saloons I have gone to no one has ever managed to do it right, I would even show them pictures but nope they would do what they want, the only way I could get it done is if I do it my self at home but it's so tiring to do my whole head (I don't know how those youtube girls do it) but this guy who also did my nails at American nails Saloon Kinondoni did it perfectly!!! love love it!

I'm wearing: Black tank top ~ Mr.Price, Black Maxi skirt ~ Mr.Price, Scarf ~ thrifted, Aviators ~ hm, bag ~ hm, Sandals ~ Mr.Price

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Miracle...

Hello everyone,

hope you had a wonderful weekend! last Saturday I had my Closet Sale at Bongoshopaholics, remember last week I mentioned that I will be selling some of my clothes, shoes and bags on my facebook page? due to demand and all of you being in different parts of town and me being unable to take pictures of all the stuff, Olivia of BongoShopaholics was kind enough to let me use her shop for the day, and I got to meet some of you...most especially Elsa who has been asking about this sale since last year!! if you missed last Saturday don't worry there's still plent of stuff left, we will have another sale on the coming Saturday and if you dont find anything you like on my stuff you still have plenty to choose from on Bongoshopaholics stock! to see some of the stuff am selling do check my page HERE don't forget to LIKE my page please!

Now on to my outfit, this is what I wore to the clinic last week I got there at 7.30am thinking am going to be the first one in and get the first number only to find the place near full LOL I ended up with number 59. My blouse got all wrinkled when I went for the uItrasound scan, it was hubby's first scan and he got to see the baby for the first time, the expression on his face  was priceless until last week it was all vague to him what goes on in my huge belly LOL now he got to see the baby moving about with the doctor explaining all the little parts and it became so real like wow we have a growing little person in there now...

I'm wearing: Blouse ~ Thrifted, pants ~ Mr.Price, Loafers ~ Mr.Price, Bag ~ H&M 
PS: I'm now on Instagram please follow me on @anithascloset

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bursting at the seams...

 Hello everyone!

as my bump grows I actually thinks its getting easier to dress, with very few items fitting me I don't spend too much time agonising over what to wear I just grab whatever fits and try to accessorize to spice it up, make sure my hair is neat and am wearing lipstick!!

Got milk!? LOL....the girls have gotten big this past months :D hihihi

I'm wearing: h&m top ~ thrifted, skirt ~ Mr.Price, bag ~ h&m, sandals ~ life&sole

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello everyone,

Found these pictures on my long lost flash disk, these were taken a few weeks after the wedding, first time at church as a married couple :D, wearing this sparkly sequined skirt and my  equally sparkly wedding shoes. 

I'm wearing: sequined skirt ~ Thrifted, tank top and cardigan ~ thrifted, Kate Spade glitter bow heels ~ Neiman Marcus

PS: am selling some of my clothes and shoes on my facebook page HERE do check it out all things are in good condition and very affordable. Also for those inquiring about the Hair good news Bongo Beauty fix now has a facebook page too so check them HERE like the page and ask away!

Friday, September 6, 2013

All about Hair...

Hello darlings...

The weekend is here!! everyday is a weekend for me nowadays and no it's absolutely not as fun as I thought it will be LOL...I still wake up at the same time I used to when I was working and sometimes even earlier...when hubby goes off to work and Alyssa off to school am all alone with dada who spends the day locked in her room talking non stop on the phone even receptionists dont spend that much time on the phone I tell you no wonder I never get my change back LOL...

Now to important matters, lots of you asked about the weave/extensions am wearing and where I got it, what hair is it and how much...

This is actually the same hair I had during the wedding from Bongo Beauty Fix, a make, it's Virgin Peruvian Hair meaning it was unprocessed straight from some peruvian girl's head, from what I can tell this hair is way better than brazillian hair because it doesn't tangle at all, I don't sleep with a cap most day and I can walk out without even combing it and it still look smooth non of that unattractive frizz that brazillian hair has...but like your own hair you need to maintain it to keep it fresh, as you can see from the first pic it looks all dry and stringy well that happens when you go to the saloon and let them use their industrial shampoos on your hair, it dries out your hair and leaves it dry and whenever I need a wash I go to saloons that I know use legit and good hair products or I bring my own and also a leave in conditioner that keeps my hair smooth and soft for much longer...

Hair from Bongo Beauty Fix, this is an online business so to speak owned by an old childhood friend Evelyn or Eva whos based in the states, she sells this fabulous hair and makeup (mostly MAC and NARS but you can order any other brand and she ships it to you) check her out on instagram @bongobeautyfix and you can email her your order via, she's currently working setting up a facebook page which will be much easier to reach her and see the products but for now check her on instagram and email, will see if I can post her watsapp for the price of the hair, well this is human hair hence it's a bit pricey good quality hair aint cheap so inabidi ufumbe macho then you take the plunge LOL urembo gharama... Contact her for special bundle pricing!

Now incase you are wondering how is it I have had this hair on for four months and counting and it still looks like this and how do I maintain's how! Instead of a usual sew-in weave that I usually do where you have your hair cornrowed and then the weave is sewn in, I did brazilian/portugese knots! what are brazilian knots you may ask, these are a bit like pick-and-drop except i this style they tie the hair extension to your own hair with a special elastic thread.

The knots look like this...with this hair style you hair is free to grow out, you can wash your hair as you like, condition it and you can even relax it

the best part of the knots is you can do up your hair as you my top knot here...

oh and incase your wondering how I achieve the top my hair donut ring...will do a tutorial next week

this is how my roots have grown by now...I have since retouched my hair couple of weeks ago...I intend to stay with the hair for at least six months to get my money's worth LOL

My roots as of today...they have stretched much longer since I retouched them...

and that's all I have on hair for now, have a lovely weekend for me am going to be sitting here stretching out my new shoes and re-reading my huge copy of the September issue of Vogue and dreaming of the  Phillip Lam collection for Target which is so unbelievably cheap I just can't imagine how people are going to kill each other just to get their hands on the pieces.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blown Away...

Hello everyone!

So sorry I haven't been updating as often, but you can understand right? when you are getting fatter by the day (currently weighing 80kgs) and am not even eating as much as I was in the beginning which is weird. Most days I don't really feel put together enough to take pictures but I do try to stay chic most of the time even without my heels...I wore this print-on-print for a trip to the hospital last week...Print on print is just by far my all time favourite trend it's just a science...

I do so love this hair, four months now and it's still so very beautiful, smooth and tangle free. Worth every penny, it's going to be an anti-climax going back to synthetic weaves after this virgin human hair experience

The bump has really grown since my last post, and my butt is growing at the same rate hahaha its really funny when I stand sideways in front of the mirror I just end up laughing

the science in print on print marriage is to have a least one color in common between the prints, like on my outfit its the black and turquoise colors on both my cardigan which matches perfectly with the one on my dress like they were made for each other 
I'm wearing: Dress and Cardigan ~ thrifted, bag ~ ZARA, necklace, earrings and sandals ~ Mr.Price