Monday, August 19, 2013

Pink Friday...

Sometimes when am bored at home, I would play dress up I would go all out curl my hair, get dressed and do makeup, trying out all the tricks I learn from the makeup guru's on youtube (try as I may I still can't put false eyelashes on by myself, it looks so easy when they do it), on this particular day I went for very bright pink lips very very bold eeh LOL, I wish I was courageous enough to go out looking like this LOL...anyways after I was done with my makeup, with no one to take my pictures, decided to take aerial shots of myself :D

I'm wearing: Rimmel London In vogue lipstick, Shirt ~ Thrifted, White Jeans ~ Oasis via Asos, Heels ~ Lipsy

lipstick makes one very pouty...*kiss *kiss

going for a seductive look here LOL...

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maximum effect...

I'm wearing: Dress ~ AX Paris via viatuzi, Blazer ~ Mr.Price, heels ~ random 

I have had this dress for a couple of years now, one of the few maxi dresses I have and it's my absolutely favorite  perfect length  light weight material, beautiful floral print and the asymmetrical design  on top.
I wore this last Sunday to church so had to add my bright yellow blazer for some cover on top. What I love about Maxi dresses is you can dress them up with a blazer and heels for formal events or even work (if you are preggers only or if you are muslim just add a head scarf and you will be looking ramadhan fresh) and you can also dress it down with sandals for a casual look.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Garden party...

I'm wearing: dress, hat ~ Mr.Price, necklace n shoes ~ viatuzi

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...I wore this way back when my bump was becoming more than just a big belly...after a really hard week of morning sickness that lasted all day (I wonder why they call it morning sickness) we decided to go to the beach and I made some effort to dress up hoping it would make me feel a little better, so I went all out with the straw hat and the heels, I was so hungry I ate three plates of chipsi-kuku and was still hungry LOL...when you spend your whole day nauseous about everything, whenever you get to eat something and actually hold it down take advantage.

About the heels...okay  guys really wearing heels can not harm the baby unless you fall or something...I can only hurt my back and joints if I was wearing them for prolonged periods of time which I don't and I won't be wearing them when my feet are swollen (they wont fit anyways might as well enjoy them while I can)...

Thursday, August 1, 2013


When I was pregnant with Alyssa I wasted a lot of money very early on to buy maternity dresses and ended up with these horrible stretchy dresses that I couldn't wear anymore...I have no intention of buying maternity clothes this time around, I will work with the clothes that I already have, I may get maternity jeans and leggings though and if I have to go a size up later on I will make sure to buy clothes that I can later on have them altered down...


I'm wearing: tshirt dress ~ uchumi, shirt dress ~ thrifted,  heels ~ Zara, Tote bag ~ H&M, necklace ~ Mr.Price