Thursday, May 16, 2013

Au revoir Paris...

...*sob sob sob*...and finally it was morning...time to say goodbye to this beautiful glamorous city...we woke up at 3am to get ready to leave...we had a 5am flight from Paris to Zurich to catch our flight to back to Dar es salaam...

at Charles De Gaulle

Macarons from McCafe

Yummy yummy yummy!!!

at Zurich waiting for our flight back to Dar 

I'm wearing: Aunthetic Paris Tshirt ~ Paris street souvenir shop, Denim shirt ~ Mr.Price, Denim Jacket ~  Random boutique in Mikocheni, Leggings ~ Newlook, Loafers ~ H&M, Bag ~ ZARA 
My traveling uniform, like I said I love travelling comfortable so leggings are a must, they are soft  and allow you to flex yourself comfortably on those cramped economy seats but are also warm enough for the planes and airports which are always cold, I also wear comfortable shoes that I can easily slip off at security check points, I also make sure to pack a warm scarf and socks in my bag for the plane and a neck pillow...especially if your short like me those airplane seats are not kind to short necks very uncomfortable.
Layered Denim on Denim...gotta love cold weather...

Also got some new arm candy to accompany my favorite watch

Some educational reading material for the flight LOL...this book is so scandalously good (shame on me LOL) I cant wait to read them all #teamChristianGrey even though he's fifty shades of *****d up! his words not mine LOL

Thank you Travelmania for making our honeymoon memorable!!


The Travelmania Team said...

Thank you Anitha sooo much for giving us the opportunity to organize your honeymoon and we wish you guys a happy marriage with lotsa blessings.We are sooo looking forward to hosting you again soon ;)

Bisous Bisous

The Travelmania Team

Anonymous said...

u real enjoyed ur honeymoon! wish u a happy married life

tunny said...

wishing u a happy life fear one..hongera sana n u looked pretty kwa wedding dress yako.

welcam back home now am sure baby alysaa amekumiss mo than enaf.