Thursday, February 28, 2013

Once in a Blue moon...

 spot my kili-kili :D

wearing a skirt over THIS dress, this beautiful tribal print skirt is from Mama's closet :D... current schedule includes looking for fabrics, getting Sare for my kitchen party, distributing the Sare, Venues, calling and calling and calling, suppliers, meeting fundi's, more material/fabric hunt, seminars, vikao, michango hunt (the fun part NOT!) I tell you this wedding stuff is no joke!!! I'm very much in my element now mama shughuli LOL, I insist in being into every detail :D though I have noticed my skin is getting darker and darker from all the time spent in the sun, I need a strong sunscreen and a huge hat! hopefully I will drop a couple more kilos in the process that will be a bonus!

1 comment:

Elsa said...

The michangos I can help to collect am being serious ahahahahhah!
Wish my mum could still have something to fit me not all bazee and vitenge.