Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello everyone!

Happy happy New year 2013! May God bless you and may this be your Year!!!

Now did you guys make any resolutions for 2013? but most importantly did you live up to all your 2012 resolutions? or like me you forgot all about them by February har har har...I'm so thankful to God and his infinite blessing for my year 2012, it was a year full of love and possibilities, the usual challenges that helped me grow even more and it was also a year I finally got the courage to start the Blog after procrastinating about it for so long! and it has been wonderful!! I have received nothing but love from you guys (a few perverts too have come along LOL) I have met so many of my fans on the streets, malls, saloon everywhere and it has been so mind blowing to have total strangers call me by my name and tell me they read and love my blog, it's just so awesome and gives me the drive to keep on blogging even when the odds are against me, I also got engaged to a wonderful, loving and special man and that was definitely my cherry on top for 2012. For 2013 I have realistic resolutions but also a bit daring and certainly out of my comfort zone but am definitely going to try my best to make them work so help me God...I'm also getting married in a few months time so am sooo very excited with the preparations now in full swing yeeeey! I promised a wedding series last year, and I would love to stick to that promise among many that I have promised you LOL...I don't know if it will be possible time wise tho' because there's just so much to do and so very little time left but one of my 2013 resolution is better time management so I will make it work or collapse trying!!

So here's for 2013, Cheers everyone let's go make those dreams come true!

Some of  my favourites trends from last year were definitely print on print trend and of course my statement necklaces and while you are at it why not layer more than one necklace for twice the statement! my bottom mint necklace is from Mr.Price I don't think it's available anymore but they brought a neon pink version during Christmas and am thinking about getting it, the top necklace with pearls is from Viatuzi. Mr.Price and Viatuzi are my two go-to places for accessories, they never disappoint and the selection is huge and price friendly! my white watch is Adidas Cambridge men's watch from

I'm wearing: my favourite floral blazer ~ thrifted (manyanya), Striped Mint button up shirt ~ from China, White Skirt ~ Mr.Price, Nude bow skinny belt ~ Mr.Price, Fiore nude pointy pumps ~ ourfashioncorner facebookbook shop

To start the year right I woke up early had a long walk outside and a short jog up-hill, worked up some sweat but now my muscles are aching so bad right now that walking is becoming a painful chore much less in heels but no pain no gain!
I decided to wear something very fresh and springy like in mint, white and nude hues my favourite colours and I finally found the perfect nude pointy toe pumps from Fiore via "our fashion corner" a facebook shop and am very happy with them so we can now say the nude shoes search is now over, aren't they so chic!? I wore this to work yesterday, took my father to the hospital and to meet with my wedding decorator to discuss decor and theme and so happy that he gets my vision so well!


Anonymous said...

Happy new year Anitha. Started mine with a clean break up from a very abusive relationship and my resolution is never ever allow any man to ever abuse me.
Wish you all the best in your wedding's preparation. Waiting for invitation.
Hugs to Alysa.
Happy new year again
Emily Thorne

Olive said...

Hey Anitha, I came across your blog on Nusophisticate and I gots to say I love it. I've just finished going through your previous posts. Your style is totally relatable and inspiring. I hope you'll be shipping to Kenya once you start your store and shop your closet (for free?), hehe. Olive, your new fan from Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Anitha!!!
WOW!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the entire outfit, especially the nude pointy toe pumps. Be it skirts, shorts or jeans, nude pumps go very well with almost all types of outfits.

toxeeqation said...

I love the whole look,but not so crazy about the layering of the necklaces..atleast if they were all pearls or beads.They are all cute pieces but I dont think they go well together.

Anonymous said...

Mamie siku hizi umedoda sana vipi? au ndo majukumu ya kutunza mchumba yameshamiri ahahahahaaaaa!!Happy new baby!!

Elsa said...

Happy new year..Am worry with these promise u made to us. Anyway lets hope they will be true.

tunny said...

i can hear the wedding bells...hongera sana i hop i will b one among those bride maids LoL.!! enweis i love that mint necklace jaman it is super cute. wishing you all the very best katika maandalizi n i pray that things will go as u planned n dont u worry ukiwa unapotea sana huku we will andastand you dear maana maandalizi will definitely eat up all your time..xoxoxoxo