Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sister Act...

I'm wearing: Blue blouse ~ thrifted, Blue dress ~ Thrifted, snake skin belt ~ thrifted, Blue envelop clutch ~ thrifted, Grey messenger bag ~ from China, Red pointy toe pumps ~ Kelsi Dagger via Viatuzi, bow cocktail ring ~ Viatuzi

Hello everyone!

hope January has been good to you, it's amazing how time flies! Last week I had a meeting at church for the wedding and hence the very proper Nun-like look ;) any excuse to dress up I'll take it hahaha. I think I have said it before that I don't have a favourite colour, it used to be pink (as was every girl) but now I just love all colours in general they all have so much to offer, and this mix of cobalt blue and red makes for an interestingly powerful combination don't you think?

This is not a one piece by the way, if you look closely you will see that am actually wearing a blue blouse under the sleeveless blue dress that I got from BongoShopaholics a while ago, I had no idea these two were the exact same shade of blue, i used the blouse's belt as a scarf and later on looped it to make a smart "pussy bow" check it out on my facebook page HERE (I crack up everytime I say that word LMAO), wonder why I didn't think of that earlier.


Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm wearing: floral blouse ~ thrifted, teal/turquoise skirt ~ thrifted, green peep toe heels~ ZARA via Viatuzi, Blue oversize envelope Clutch ~ thrifted, pakistani handmade silver jewelery ~ Sabasaba trade show

January is turning out to be an eventful month.

I wore this outfit last week, I was having one of those days when you wake up and you feel like dressing up in the most colourful and loud way as possible, colours and flowers always get me in a good mood,  that I didn't even mind taking picture by the side of a very busy road during the morning rush hour,  with people staring like we have lost our minds, the things I do for you my lovely readers ha ha ha!
I got this blouse a while back, I love it's vintage and oriental feel, it kinda reminds me of those old flower painting on glass frames that used to be in every home when I was growing up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I'm wearing: Yellow Blazer ~ Mr.Price, White sheer Blouse ~ Gifted, Dress worn as a skirt ~ Thrifted, White Adidas Cambridge watch ~ Asos (Men), Grey messenger bag ~ from China, yellow necklace ~ Mr.Price, Black ALDO pumps ~ Viatuzi

Yellow, white and grey have to be the freshest colour combination, makes you feel so fresh, so clean and so airy even though it was oven hot outside. These days I try to minimise time spend outside on the sun during the day, it's just too hot right now, after half an hour out, your clothes are sticking on you like a second skin and you are silently praying for someone to dump a cold bucket of water on you right there but when am inside the office am freezing cold from the AC and am suddenly grateful I have my blazer on.
You remember this dress worn as a skirt, worn previously on this post HERE, it's a really boring dress but works great as a skirt, I just tuck the top half in and since it's made of very light material it doesn't create any unwanted bumps and acts as an under slip Bonus!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chip of the old Block...

I'm wearing: blouse ~ thrifted (old), block pattern skirt ~ Bongo shopaholics, Skinny belt ~ from China, Cream Blazer ~ Flexy Collections, Black pumps ~ ALDO from Viatuzi, multi strand necklace ~ Viatuzi, Chocolate brown bag ~ Thrifted

Hello my lovelies! I hope your week is better than mine!

I know I have said it before and I will say it again, Print on Print is my favourite trend from 2012 and one that am not ready to leave anytime soon, it's just pure genius!
Now ladies you can't just go around throwing random prints together and say you are trending, it will just look like you dressed in the dark unless of course you are Anna Wintour then we will call it High fashion that woman can do no wrong hahaha!...Now the key to print on print success especially on work-wear is Colour! find prints that have at least one colour in common that will blend them together, like in my case the Beige colour in both my top and skirt and necklace, and also the chocolate brown strands of my necklace, blend well with the blocks on my skirt making it all look neat.


Monday, January 21, 2013


I'm wearing: Black lace blouse ~ thrifted, Teal animal print long cardigan ~ BongoShopaholics, Pencil skirt ~ Thrifted, Suede peeptoe heels ~ bought in China (DIY bows), H&M obi belt ~ thrifted, Bag ~ ZARA, my favourite earrings ~ Mr.Price

Hello my lovelies!!
Hope you are missing me :D (this is the part were you nod your heads vigorously hahaha) I have missed blogging...Last week was more than hectic, my dada had to suddenly leave on Monday morning for her cousins funeral in Tanga and I was left with no plan at all on Monday morning with my Alyssa and I couldn't just leave her anywhere with just anyone what with all the perverts around these days and then my tonsils acted up so bad I couldn't swallow or eat but thankfully am better now and dada is back, so all is well! 

On to the outfit, that was my Tuesday last week, I was in between weaves that's why my hair looks so domestic hahaha! Cardigans are a must have ladies, they just add that instant polish to a look especially if it has a yummy colour and animal print like mine, they can be dressed up like here or dressed down casualy, here I have worn mine with my pencil skirt added my Obi belt for definition of the waist line.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Boy meets Girl...

It's a new year and am trying something new, something different from my usual girly-girl looks...excuse my nappy looking hair, I actually have a weave on that matches my hair perfectly which would have been a good thing if I had nice healthy looking hair LOL...

I'm wearing: My inherited grandmother's dress, Denim Shirt ~ Mr.Price Men, Printed platform sandals ~ ZARA TRF, Neon Necklace ~ Mr.Price, Red bag ~ Thrifted 

Casual Friday outfit!

You guys remember my grandmother's dress right! I last wore it on this post HERE and of course you must remember these super bright printed ZARA I got last year from Barcelona (ZARA capital!!) thanks to Miss T. check out the post HERE I haven't had a chance to wear them since then, mainly because as much as I love the highest shoes I'm not a fan of big chunky platforms, especially if you have skinny legs. I really loved the print and cut of these shoes and even though I had no idea how I was going to wear them I still wanted them LOL, and am glad I got them because they must be comfiest heels I own seriously! The print of my dress and shoes go so well together that it seems as if they have the same print but they actually are very different, am surprised that I just noticed that last week SMH!  since the print on both my shoes and dress are so bright I threw on this Denim shirt  I got from Mr.Price (Men section :D) to tone it down and give it a casual, modern twist and a masculine vibe and also to avoid those awkward questions if am pregnant LOL!!!!

PS: Let's give a round of applause to my brave fiance who agreed to take these pictures in a middle of a bus stop/taxi stand at 7.30am in the morning with curious onlookers around WTH we were doing and ofcourse these shoes attract a lot of attention LOL!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Toast to the Past...

I know it's a little late to be doing a 2012 recap but better late than never right!? besides I thought this would be a best way for all my new readers to see some of my previous will also get to see how I remix my clothes over and over again...It may take a while to upload if your Internet connection is as shitty as mine, you have no idea how long it took me to make this post I tell I almost gave up!! let's call this a labour of love :D you can't say am neglecting you after this can you :P LOL enjoy!