Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thicker than Blood...

I'm wearing: black sheer blouse ~ thrifted, Black skirt ~ thrifted, H&M belt ~ thrifted, scarf and earrings ~ random boutique, Oxblood Ninewest Wedges ~ thrifted (Makumbusho), ZARA bag ~ via Viatuzi

On days when you just can't seem to find anything to wear in your closet, you end up wearing full black like this, a scarf in some nice oxblood colour and a floral pattern to spice things up a bit, put your hair up in a bun, wear some lipstick, some interesting earrings (these are my favourites) a huge bag and some wedges to match your scarf and you are good to go, admittedly a bit boring and very matronly look for me which is such a strange feeling since I use to love wearing black from head to toe, I called it power dressing, black is still my favourite colour though I now like to play around with brighter colours, the brighter the better (*think neon from head to toe LOL I have done it, you dont believe me? check this post HERE and this one HERE). Rule number one in Fashion my lovelies is that There are NO rules, you can be who ever you want to be and dress however you want to dress, try something new once in a while and never say it wont look good on you, how would you know if you haven't tried it? there are simply guidelines available to guide you through the ever changing trends but it's up to you to know what works for you and what's comfortable for you and once in a while step out of your comfort zone and get wild!! granted there will be times when you get is so wrong, who doesnt!?that's how you learn right?


Anonymous said...

Umependeza sana mama. Yaani uko juu bibiye. Itabidi na mimi nijitahidi kuvaa heels...maana heels worn the right way are so fabolous!!!!!
Keep it up dear with your blog...this is trailblazing you are doing for the fashion blogging and media industry in general.
I will join you in the blogging nikipata muda,...uko juu tena na endelea kuwakilisha waTanzania na Africa kwa ujumla as we need visionaries like you in every field on the internet.

Mrs D said...

Where are you dear? mbona blog imepoa? kila nikifungua nakuta same post.

Marry xmas and happy new year

Stay blessed.

Mrs Dalidali