Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I walk the Line...

Hello everyone,

I know I know I have disappeared on you again...I'm officially photog-less everyone who takes my pictures at home is gone! first my two dada's and then my cousin just left for Christmas, my baby brother leaves very early in the morning and comes back late, my favourite security guard lady at work has been transferred, my fiance is out of town for work and the rest of my brothers only come home on weekends so what can I do? I cant take good pictures until I know a person well enough and am comfortable with them to have them take my pictures.

I got some emails from you darling fans missing me awwww sweet :D and I said I just can't leave you hanging at all jamani and since I haven't taken a lot of new pics and the ones I have taken need time to edit I thought I would post this outfit from a while back that I had forgotten in the drafts because I didn't like the pictures composition but due to the current situation they will have to do my lovelies. You have probably seen these pictures on my facebook PAGE I usually post things there randomly especially when am MIA here. Oh and am going to answer all the comments soon, so if you commented do check the blog soon!

Wearing my favourite scarf borrowed permanently LOL from mama, thrifted striped Tshirt with scarf print on the bottom, my favourite beige pencil skirt, beige MIA heels from Viatuzi, White blazer from Flexycollections, thrifted brown handbag. 


Anonymous said...

Umejitahidi kufungasha mama,mumeo mtarajiwa anapo pakukamata hahahahaaaaa !! Unapendezajeeeeee.Asante kwa picha nzuri.

Oluwaseun Sodunke said...

Love this look! The colors are so pretty. I like the mix of prints too!

I understand how you feel about not having anyone to take your pictures. I've had those days!

Anitha Anthony said...

Thanks oluwasen #bloggerproblems :D