Friday, December 28, 2012

The old lady of Turin...

Hellloooooo everyone!!!

How's the holidays season treating ya!? having fun!? hope your Christmas was a blessing!

I still don't have a photographer hence the very far in between posts. Rey and I went to check out our wedding reception venue yesterday and to meet the decorator and managed to squeeze in an outfit photo shoot, only three months to go before the big day :D am going to be crazy busy from now on, exciting times!!! I still don't have a dress and I haven't lost a kilo darn it! and my waist is still a huge number that I will sooo not tell you LOL, the goal being a 27inch waist hmmm ambitious much! it doesn't help that am back to eating junk food though I really have cut down so much on my soda consumption...and am so looking foward to a yummy waffle and icecream dessert later today whooohooo am such a piggie LOL

I f you are wondering about my hair, no I haven't cut it, I had it relaxed last weekend finally and I just pulled it back, am growing out my edges so no more braiding for now maybe a weave I don't think I can survive long without a weave LOL.

I'm wearing my cute peplum skirt from Mr.Price, my striped sheer T-shirt top is thrifted and it reminded me of some football jersey of some team that I obviously dont know being a non football fan LOL so I asked the fiance who is an absolutely football fanatic and a Manchester die hard he told me it looked like a Juventus jersey a.k.a the old ladies of Turin and I got my post tittle! I had a training a couple of years back in Turin/ Torino and I just loved the city, so much history, the smell of coffee all over the place and the fact that the sun doesn't set till past 10pm was just so awesome I would so love to go back there again one day!

Monday, December 24, 2012

I dare you to be Happy!!!

Hey dolls!!!!

I just wanted to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thank you for being with me this last year, it has been awesome and am so thankful for all of you and the love you have shown me from the get-go, I truly appreciate you!

God Bless y'all!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fashion and Fashionistas Experience...


Hey Dolls,
How was your day? mine was busyyyyy!!!it was so busy and so hot and I spent it all in a car going all over town for work in the endless bongo traffic jams urghhhh!!! it's a good thing that I have the Fashion and fashionistas event to look forward to this coming sunday, thanks to Gyver of Gyverlatrend blog and Showstopperz entertainment! ahhh just thinking of it puts me in a good mood! what a way to slide into the holidays, a day of pampering at the hottest new spot in town Club 327!!! and the best news is You also can come too and chillax with me and other bloggers and fashionistas in town!

All this will be happening this Sunday 23rd Dec 2012, VIP Experience brings you, "Fashionistas and Powder Room eXperience"! @ Club 327 in mikocheni from 2pm-9pm. be ready for a day "Strictly 4 you ladies, with pampering such as FREE Manicures and Pedi Cures Treatment, FREE Eyebrows Treatment, FREE Head and Shoulders Massage, FREE Beauty and Makeover Tips all while enjoying Good music, food and amazing cocktails!!

Gents we haven't forgotten you! you also get to tag along LOL and while your lady enjoys her VIP Experience, you can join us in the Sports Experience Lounge where you can check out live games, highlights and videos of some all time greats while enjoying your cold drinks and bites! From 2pm-9pm. Then From 9pm onwards we will have Salsa and Dance then move to clubbing to International Music!

Entry: Couples -30,000
           VIP- 20,000
           Regular- 10,000

Can't wait to see you all there!



Red Alert!...

Hello Dolls,

I hope you had a great week and you are getting into the Holiday mood nicely...just a quickie post to get you through friday and in a Holiday mood! will talk more laters!!!

I'm back!! it has been a hectic day and am so tired but I'm so very excited to tell you that I have been featured by the chic and fabulous Jillian of Nusophisticate blog all the way in Miami!!!on her "Work your Style" friday feature!!! woooot am so flattered and excited! Thank you so much can check out my feature HERE

I'm wearing: Chambray shirt ~ Thrifted, Blood red jeans ~ thrifted, Next oversize white blazer ~ Bongoshopaholics, Kelsi Dagger red pumps via Viatuzi

From Jo'burg with Love...

Hey dolls,

I got this dress last Saturday, an early Christmas present from a good friend who is back home from SA for the holidays and I just had to wear it immediately the next day to church, I wanted to save it for Christms day . You know how I love stripes in all shapes and colours even though these horizontal ones make me appear wider than usual I still love them, I actually wanted a striped black and white skirt that she had but it was sold out so she got me the dress instead how sweet Thank you mama Lu-Lu you are the bestest! and am still going to steal your striped skirt hehehe! Since the dress came with the adorable brown skinny belt it made accesorising easier with the brown clutch and my old Ninewest brown leather wedges and I was ready for church very laid back smart casual look  (I had the shoulders up at church :D)


I'm wearing: striped Hi-Lo dress ~ Gifted, Brown foldable clutch ~ thrifted, Brown Ninewest  wedges ~ Thrifted

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I walk the Line...

Hello everyone,

I know I know I have disappeared on you again...I'm officially photog-less everyone who takes my pictures at home is gone! first my two dada's and then my cousin just left for Christmas, my baby brother leaves very early in the morning and comes back late, my favourite security guard lady at work has been transferred, my fiance is out of town for work and the rest of my brothers only come home on weekends so what can I do? I cant take good pictures until I know a person well enough and am comfortable with them to have them take my pictures.

I got some emails from you darling fans missing me awwww sweet :D and I said I just can't leave you hanging at all jamani and since I haven't taken a lot of new pics and the ones I have taken need time to edit I thought I would post this outfit from a while back that I had forgotten in the drafts because I didn't like the pictures composition but due to the current situation they will have to do my lovelies. You have probably seen these pictures on my facebook PAGE I usually post things there randomly especially when am MIA here. Oh and am going to answer all the comments soon, so if you commented do check the blog soon!

Wearing my favourite scarf borrowed permanently LOL from mama, thrifted striped Tshirt with scarf print on the bottom, my favourite beige pencil skirt, beige MIA heels from Viatuzi, White blazer from Flexycollections, thrifted brown handbag. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thicker than Blood...

I'm wearing: black sheer blouse ~ thrifted, Black skirt ~ thrifted, H&M belt ~ thrifted, scarf and earrings ~ random boutique, Oxblood Ninewest Wedges ~ thrifted (Makumbusho), ZARA bag ~ via Viatuzi

On days when you just can't seem to find anything to wear in your closet, you end up wearing full black like this, a scarf in some nice oxblood colour and a floral pattern to spice things up a bit, put your hair up in a bun, wear some lipstick, some interesting earrings (these are my favourites) a huge bag and some wedges to match your scarf and you are good to go, admittedly a bit boring and very matronly look for me which is such a strange feeling since I use to love wearing black from head to toe, I called it power dressing, black is still my favourite colour though I now like to play around with brighter colours, the brighter the better (*think neon from head to toe LOL I have done it, you dont believe me? check this post HERE and this one HERE). Rule number one in Fashion my lovelies is that There are NO rules, you can be who ever you want to be and dress however you want to dress, try something new once in a while and never say it wont look good on you, how would you know if you haven't tried it? there are simply guidelines available to guide you through the ever changing trends but it's up to you to know what works for you and what's comfortable for you and once in a while step out of your comfort zone and get wild!! granted there will be times when you get is so wrong, who doesnt!?that's how you learn right?

Ahoy Sailor...

If I was born with a silver spoon in some serious old money family (am talking Oil rich here) and went to prep school and my dad had a 390 feet Yacht and we did summers in our summer houses in St.Barts or The Hamptons just cause we can LOL, you would probably find me in something like this (designer brand of course) at the Marina waiting for my other privileged delinquent friends so we can go sailing and get high on whatever cause well we are so rich and so bored LOL...I would probably be wearing some cool chic navy blue shorts instead of the skirt and my Tshirt will probably be a polo with my Yatch's logo on it :D...LOL!!! but then if I owned a super Yacht I would probably just go sailing in a flowy DVB dress and a large floppy hat and then change into a ridiculously expensive bikini lie down on the deck with my huge shades on while the crew wearing something similar to this outfit tended to all my needs including rubbing sun screen on my back hahahahahaha... blame it all on all the Gossip girl series I have watched.
But that clearly wasn't the case here hehehe, here I was just chilling on the dirty wall outside my 9 to 5 job location somewhere in Ilala LOL...not too shabby I can't is certainly not boring on this side of the map, you can't afford to be bored when you are hustling hahaha.

I'm wearing: White T-shirt ~ from China, Striped blazer ~ random boutique, Navy blue shirt ~ thrifted, two toned leather ballet flats ~ from China, Wing collar necklace ~ Cassandra

Shoes #ZARA

Hi! my name is Anitha and I'm a shoe-holic...

ZARA is my all time favourite high street shoe brand for us girls who cant afford the covetted red bottoms and all the other big designer brands shoes like Brian Atwood, YSL, Giussepe Zanoti, Charlotte Olympia just to name a few of my favourite "one day yes" shoe designers, so its always nice to have brands like ZARA offering the not so cheap but much more reasonable statement shoes at a fraction of the price. When I saw this season collection I was like woooow I havent checked out their site in a while and my oh my maybe I should have remained oblivious to all these goodies because my head is literally spinning and I can't stop thinking about them ooohh this will end badly financial wise that is LOL...anyways I though I should share with you my favourites shoes from their current collection and give you a little insight into my edgy shoes fetish and undying royalty to black shoes and strappy shoes just incase you are thinking of getting me a christmas present ;) am a size 5 by the way LOLest!.

now this is what I call a chain reaction...get it!? chain-reaction :D clever huh heheheh this first pair is to die for!! it's beyond sick for words, it's the kinda shoe you wear with your simple LBD and let the shoe make the statement as the centre of attention (best believe people recognise a sick shoe game my lovelies, from one shoe junkie to another) you can also wear these with some black skinnies, a slouchy Tshirt or denim shirt and a killer clutch for the laid back but still chic look.

now These I MUST have MUST MUST MUST!!! Yes I have tons of black shoes and am not a fan sling-back type shoes I find them wobbly but on these babies I make the exception!! that chain detail on the back just take these shoes on to a whole new level. ZARA you have outdone yourself on these...simple but edgy!
I think I died and went to shoe heaven when I saw know how am obsessed with point pumps, these are that and so much moooore! gold metal cap toe - Check! killer spikes - check! rhinestones bling - cheeeeeck!!! wooow! should I get these!? dear God please Make Santa Claus real, please oh please I have been a Semi-good girl this year does that count!? LOLest

Bad-azz shoes, spikes all over and animal print on the front...Killer shoes Literally!!
These are more tame for the gals who don't like too much flash, but still want to make a statement! I love the nude version as well ....hmmmmm *thinking about it*

Check out the rest of the collection HERE

Have a lovely week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hey dolls,

This week is going by so fast, or rather days are going so very fast nowadays...just when I need them to slow down a little bit, so much to do so very little time *sigh*...

In the spirit of African print mania that's going on and I must say am loving it, finally we are who's who in the fashion industry and everyone is lapping up our proudly african prints and for ridiculous prices I may add duh! but its so much fun seeing a huge celeb like Bey or Solange (my ultimate Fashion Icon) wearing a kitenge print that you also have or have seen somewhere dukani right? So I have also had some things made for me and am getting some more things made...I got a lot of khangas and vitenges as presents from mama and my aunties when I had Alyssa and am so lucky to have not just one but three friends who design and do tailoring. you have already seen my kitenge blazer by subira wahure check her blog HERE, she also made me this cute peplum khanga top...

I'm wearing: Khanga Peplum blouse ~ made by Subira wahure, Black satin pencil skirt ~ Bongo shopaholics, H&M obi PU leather belt ~ Thrifted, Black leather ALDO pumps ~ Viatuzi, Earrings and cocktail ring from Mr.Price

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Enjoy Christmas and New Year in Dubai!!!!

Hey lovelies today I wanted to share with you a great Holiday Season deal by my good friends of

You can Celebrate the holiday season in Dubai and shop to your hearts delight for only USD 1200 (per person this includes flights to and from) or USD 450 per person (this excluding flights to and from).
That's right for that small chunk of your money you get to see that awesome view above in person!   Both price packages includes;
  • 4 awesome nights in Dubai in a 3 star Hotel (Bed & Breakfast basis)
  • Half day city tour
  • Dhow cruise with dinner
  • Desert safari with belly dancers & dinner
  • Airport transfers
Now isn't that a great way to end the year with a bang!? and you know no one does New Year's Eve parties better than peeps in Doobay as one of my crazy girlfriends likes to call it LOLest!
Check out for more information about this package and many more that they are currently offering, They also do great honeymoon packages :) and many others for all you hard working people out there with a passion for travelling and at great rates too so do check them out!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet Strawberry...

Hey my lovelies!

hope you had a lovely weekend, I sure did!! got some quality time with my fiance and Alyssa and stressed myself about the wedding some more LOL...there's just so much I want to see happening on the wedding and I don't know if I can manage it all, so I'm currently just collecting inspirations (and registering on all bridal forums online LOL) for my dream wedding before the preparations officially kick off early next year...I'm excited, I'm nervous and yet I'm strangely calm does that even make sense? you know what I wish for for my wedding? Note how I use "My" wedding instead instead of "Our" wedding? LOL...a wedding day to me always seem like the bride's big day more than the groom's, most men (with the exception of Kris Humpries haa) couldn't care less about the wedding details, they just show up in a tuxedo which doesn't even take ten minutes to get but girls my oh my we obsess over the details, getting "THE" dress is officially driving me crazy and solely responsible for the headache am having now, I mean that's is "THE" most important dress I will ever wear in my life, there won't be wearing it and saying naahh am not feeling it today, what's my next option on the closet (unless you are Kim Kardashian LOLest) I have an idea of what my wedding dress should be but I cant seem to find a dress that has all that I'm looking for and when I did It had a huge price tag on it that we could start a building freakin' house foundation whooot!? and it was by Ellie Saab *sigh* that man is gifted! his dresses are just magical! but oh well gota stick to my budget and I think I finally found it, so let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that I will still be loving it tommorow LOL, I so wish I could try first it but it can't be done. I also want to be involved in every step, every detail of the whole wedding...luckily I have a very understanding sugar sweet fiance who understands my OCD tendencies LOL and very good close girlfriends/BFFs who "get" me and a family that has no choice but to take me as I am hahaha...tho' I promise not to be a bridezilla ;P, I should get my own reality TV show LOLest it would be hilarious!!!

enuf with the wedding on to the outfit, this was my casual Friday look...I finally got to wear this cute strawberry tank top, it's so adorable...I got this top a while ago thrifting around the neighbourhood and I have been looking for something to wear it with since then and last week I finally found it! my new lemon yellow blazer from Mr.Price...the yellow is beautifully fresh and the cut and material is also good and the price wasn't too bad either...I have been getting a lot of cute stuff from Mr.Price lately not just accessories, especially blazers, this is my third blazer from there and I love it! These jeans are a twin of the pink ones I wore last Friday they are both H&M from Bongo shopaholics, my earrings are from a small boutique at seacliff that has amazing things I forgot the name but it near/behind where the NBC ATM is and these cute polkadot ballet flats thrifted from Makumbusho, last week was all about resting my poor feet as much as I can so flats zilihusika sana.

I'm wearing: Yello Blazer ~ Mr.Price, yellow top with strawberries ~ thrifted, H&M jeans ~ Bongo shopaholic, polkadots ballets flats ~ makumbusho