Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New in!! Oxblood...

Hello everyone!

So sorry I have been M.I.A for so long, I have missed you!

Me and Alyssa have been sick this past week with a cold and we still are but so much better this weather is just awful, lots of kids are down with the cold and flu, my Alyssa is coughing her little chest out but shes still happy and running all over the place so at least I know shes not in pain.

I have not been taking outfit pictures because am not loving my bloated face at the moment thanks to Aunt Jane ;)  and it's really so bloated sickness just does not become me, and I got this braids done and well I dont like them very much but I have to stick with them for a while to get my money's worth and well am just lazy what can I say LOL...

but I have bought another pair of shoes and I had to share them with you, actually these were a Christmas present from the Olivia of VIATUZI, part of the Viatuzi new November Collection which is amazing!!! I wish I had bought more but am on a budget now must be disciplined :D buhhahahahaha as if! you can check there collection HERE!

These beautiful pointy toe pumps are patent leather in Oxblood red colour are from Kelsi Dagger and they are just so very sexy! If there's one cut of shoes that I will never get tired of and one and that will never go out of fashion it's a classic pointy pump like these, the cut is just beautiful and the stiletto heels so very sexy...This particular red colour is one of the major IN colours these fall season in the world of fashion and it's called OXBLOOD red, a very close cousin to the very trending BURGUNDY colour which is a more darker shade like rich red wine and very very beautiful. The bag above is an old favourite of mine a thrifted Liz Claireborne "pure Leather Oxblood slouchy tote" bag...I'm so happy I never gave this bag away because tote bags like this are so IN right now and the leather just gets a very vintagey look with age.

Chunky platforms are nice and all but they tend to look trashy and cheap sometimes but pumps are always the ultimate classy shoes, so if you are starting to build your shoe collection up then I suggest you start with the classy basic pointy toe pump like these.

These are a bit too high for beginner heel wearers, so maybe try a three inch heel first and once you have gained your balance and confidence then you can start going higher, I personally like my shoes sky high coz am super short but also coz I love how long my legs look in sky high heels :D.

Also when you are starting to build up your shoes collection start with basic colours that go with everything these are the classic basic Black, Nude/Beige/Cream, Brown and when you are feeling adventurous go bold in Red.

Another important TIP to remember when buying shoes is QUALITY, people do notice good quality shoes and it's always best to invest money in a good pair of shoes because they last longer and they do make or break your whole look. I don't spend money on clothes at all and most of my clothes are thrifted and the ones bought in shops rarely go above 50thousands TZS but my shoes are another case all together. they all range from 100thousands TZS to 200 thousands TZS and some even higher (just a little tho') because good shoes are kinda expensive especially in Dar and even though I own a few pairs of thrifted shoes I really love the feel of brand new shoes being in a shoes store or even buying online and receiving those big boxes with my shoes wrapped in paper ahh just orgasmic only a shoe-holic will understand the feeling!! I really don't mind spending money on a good pair of shoes, I just love my shoes and I see absolutely nothing wrong in blowing money to buy them like Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the City said I like my money where I can see it and in my case sitting in my shoe rack superficial that way *shrug* whatever LOL...

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