Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to walk in Heels Tutorial...

Hey dolls,

as a follow up to the previous shoe post, I thought I should add this very informative video on how to walk in heels!!! Yes!! I get this question all the time! how do I walk in my sky high heels and are they painful? well yes lovelies they may look pretty but pain is part of the beauty of heels LOL and we heel-lovers have learnt over the years to bear it with a smile on our faces :D LOL...
But when you wear your cute sky high heels you gotta know how to walk it hot mamas, so here a very informative video on how to do it like a pro....dont you just love youtube? you can learn anything there! anything!!! wish I kne this back when I was starting out wrecking my poor ankles LOL enjoy!!

oh PS: there's a lot more video on youtube on how to walk in heels from different experts with a little different or extra tips on how to walk in heels so be sure to check them out and I will be sharing more on my facebook page HERE so be sure to like it and be updated :D

New in!! Oxblood...

Hello everyone!

So sorry I have been M.I.A for so long, I have missed you!

Me and Alyssa have been sick this past week with a cold and we still are but so much better this weather is just awful, lots of kids are down with the cold and flu, my Alyssa is coughing her little chest out but shes still happy and running all over the place so at least I know shes not in pain.

I have not been taking outfit pictures because am not loving my bloated face at the moment thanks to Aunt Jane ;)  and it's really so bloated sickness just does not become me, and I got this braids done and well I dont like them very much but I have to stick with them for a while to get my money's worth and well am just lazy what can I say LOL...

but I have bought another pair of shoes and I had to share them with you, actually these were a Christmas present from the Olivia of VIATUZI, part of the Viatuzi new November Collection which is amazing!!! I wish I had bought more but am on a budget now must be disciplined :D buhhahahahaha as if! you can check there collection HERE!

These beautiful pointy toe pumps are patent leather in Oxblood red colour are from Kelsi Dagger and they are just so very sexy! If there's one cut of shoes that I will never get tired of and one and that will never go out of fashion it's a classic pointy pump like these, the cut is just beautiful and the stiletto heels so very sexy...This particular red colour is one of the major IN colours these fall season in the world of fashion and it's called OXBLOOD red, a very close cousin to the very trending BURGUNDY colour which is a more darker shade like rich red wine and very very beautiful. The bag above is an old favourite of mine a thrifted Liz Claireborne "pure Leather Oxblood slouchy tote" bag...I'm so happy I never gave this bag away because tote bags like this are so IN right now and the leather just gets a very vintagey look with age.

Chunky platforms are nice and all but they tend to look trashy and cheap sometimes but pumps are always the ultimate classy shoes, so if you are starting to build your shoe collection up then I suggest you start with the classy basic pointy toe pump like these.

These are a bit too high for beginner heel wearers, so maybe try a three inch heel first and once you have gained your balance and confidence then you can start going higher, I personally like my shoes sky high coz am super short but also coz I love how long my legs look in sky high heels :D.

Also when you are starting to build up your shoes collection start with basic colours that go with everything these are the classic basic Black, Nude/Beige/Cream, Brown and when you are feeling adventurous go bold in Red.

Another important TIP to remember when buying shoes is QUALITY, people do notice good quality shoes and it's always best to invest money in a good pair of shoes because they last longer and they do make or break your whole look. I don't spend money on clothes at all and most of my clothes are thrifted and the ones bought in shops rarely go above 50thousands TZS but my shoes are another case all together. they all range from 100thousands TZS to 200 thousands TZS and some even higher (just a little tho') because good shoes are kinda expensive especially in Dar and even though I own a few pairs of thrifted shoes I really love the feel of brand new shoes being in a shoes store or even buying online and receiving those big boxes with my shoes wrapped in paper ahh just orgasmic only a shoe-holic will understand the feeling!! I really don't mind spending money on a good pair of shoes, I just love my shoes and I see absolutely nothing wrong in blowing money to buy them like Carrie Bradshaw in sex and the City said I like my money where I can see it and in my case sitting in my shoe rack superficial that way *shrug* whatever LOL...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Green Panther...

Hey guys!

hope you have been keeping well...

Thank you all for the feedback on my writing, I gathered most of you like it :D however I would love it if all of my lovely readers got time I hope we will all be in the same page. I do appreciate the feedback lovelies!

I forgot to post My casual Friday outfit which was colour inspired by one of my daughter's outfits cute is her little lace tu-tu skirt?  I think hot pink and turquoise are so bright and fresh and go so well together .

Alyssa is wearing: hot pink lace tu-tu skirt, top and sneakers all from Mr.Price, they have cute stuff for baby girls.

One of my favourite clothing items in my closet is cardigans, I love how easy they are to wear and how they add instant cover and easy glamour to an outfit. This particular turquoise animal print one is my favourite and am surprised that I haven't worn it yet while this colour blocked dress is an old, over-abused favourite of mine, at one point I even used it as a nighty-dress and then I totally forgot about it until last Friday.


I'm wearing: Animal print turquoise cardigan ~ Bongo Shopaholic // colour blocked dress ~ Thrifted (old) // Obi belt ~ H&M thrifted // Miss KG heels ~ Viatuzi // ZARA leather tote ~ Viatuzi


Monday, November 19, 2012

Cotton Candy...

 Hey hey hey ....beautiful readers!

...I have recently discovered that instead of wearing tank tops with your V necks blouses/ blouses with a deep wide opening on the front, I can wear a soft sheer button blouse inside instead.

This technique also works if your office has a "no sleeve-less" blouses rule, you probably have to keep a cardigan or a blazer at hand to cover up your arms when you wear sleeveless blouses but if I were to wear a blazer on top of this sweet little pink peplum sleeveless blouse it would have covered the peplum details so I had a light bulb moment and decided why not wear my sheer ruffled blouse underneath? and it looks like a one piece right? yes (patting myself in the back for genious-ness hihihi) the art of layering...

I'm wearing: a black ruffled blouse ~ from Bongoshopaholic// Pink tiered peplum vest ~ (Old) thrifted// Black skirt ~ thrifted// Pink bow belt ~ China// Steve by Steve Madded pumps ~ Viatuzi, necklace ~ Viatuzi, Handbag ~ Uchumi Quality Centre.

So a reader told me today that some of you dont understand what I write, now thats a bit troubling since I write so that you can read and understand and not just the pictures. So please please tell me what is it eaxctly? clarify it for me pretty please I would really appreciate the feedback. if you dont want to comment that's okay please email me on

Friday, November 16, 2012

Flash Back Friday...

Hey dolls,

So while I was going through my photo archives for some blog worthy pictures I found some old pictures of me back in the pre-mama Alyssa days and I couldn't help feel a little depressed while I shoved the last remaining pieces of Chips on my plate into my mouth LOL...

This picture was actually taken in 2009 and I was about a few day pregnant here, but my camera date was a bit behind and I had no idea how to change the date. Oh Please Don't mind the car aka "Maria" she was/is my first car and I had to take a picture with her LOL and name her...just had to clear that one up I don't take car photos, this was a special occasion LOL

now how tiny was my waist? can you believe I use to complain that I was fat then? I did have a little belly then that was driving me crazy LOL. Its amazing how in only three years my weight has fluctuated this much. But looking back at these at least I see what I was and what I want to get back to...I don't want to be skinny because quite frankly I love my curves maybe a couple of kilos off, a toned belly (a flat one will be asking for too much, I have never had one even before the baby LOL), I want to get my slimmer arms back and get my back toned and strapless dress appropriate...there's nothing I admire more than a toned back, shoulders and arms on a strapless or backless dress, I'm terrified of squeezed up spillage on top than I am of a big belly,  nowadays every time I do a strapless dress I check the back and I say nah heck no not doing it! I mean I can tolerate the arms but the upper back I just can't oh no no no...

This is how I looked after I got back to work from my maternity leave thanks to Atkins diet and one hour of aerobics three times a week.

Good Spanks do wonders! :D

Now I know I should really be preaching about self love just the way we are and we should love ourselves in our current forms, and truth be told even when I was smaller I still wasnt satisfied with my weight and wished I was smaller this and smaller that and honestly women are just never satisfied with their bodies except for the very (veeery) few that are just born perfecto if theres even such a thing LOL

...but if it was at all possible and in our means to be better without liposuction (although I must admit that would be a quicker option, sucking it all out where I don't want it and leaving it where I want it ;)) LOL) then we should...So I hear by challenge you my dear readers with weight dilemma's kama mimi to send me your before pictures and after pictures of how you look now and where you want to be and then we start a program together I need a support group fellow carb-crack heads so we can do it together my motivation is my upcoming wedding and I want a 30inch waist. Or if you have managed to shed your weight also send me before and after pictures and how you managed it so we can be inspired! What do you say? are you up for it? email me at

Happy weekend Dolls,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lay it all on the Line...

 I'm getting sick of this hair, it's already so frizzy, too much volume and its just too much work!!!Everyday is becoming a bad hair day urghhh am thinking of giving my hair a brief break or maybe go back to a short Rihanna hair cut I did years ago before Alyssa I wonder if it will look good now hmm! I had less mashavu then LOL...on a serious note am really looking for some new hair, good quality and cheap two vocabularies that do not go well together when speaking of hair extensions LOL, but am optimistic, I have a new project in mind, I hope it works out because it will be something I want to share with you my weave/ hair loving readers so keep your fingers crossed babies!

Despite what you may hear, weaving when done right and with proper care to your own hair is a very good protective style for your hair while you grow it out or just taking a break from regular salooning but when done wrong that when you have hair loss/ balding along the hairline case point Naomi Campbell and am not mentioning my hair line I will be weaving whikle I decide if I want to grow my hair out all natural or relax it and cut it into a short easy to manage every day style.

my brother was the fotog of the day...cracking me up LOL

I wore this exact same outfit last Tuesday but never got around to take outfit fotos so I decided to re-wear it this week. I normally do not like wearing my clothes in the same way over over again, I always want to challenge myself to come up with new combinations, but for the sake of ze blog why not no!?.

I'm wearing: Thrifted shirt ~ Marene // Worrithington Pencil Mid skirt ~ Thrifted // Necklace and Cuff ~ Viatuzi // ZARA green patent leather peep toes ~ Viatuzi

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Blog in town - Ventured Style Blog!!!

Hey dolls,

Hope your weekend was great as was mine :)

Now today I wanted to introduce to you a new designing duo /Tailoring mart in Town called Ventured style (Formely BC House of fashion). This tailoring mart located in Sinza Mori near Soccer City is run by two young ladies Beatrice (who is also my work-mate on our day jobs LOL) and Cathy dealing with anything tailoring from Vitenge B2A style outfit, your party wear needs, or even if you have a design that you have seen on a celeb, magazine they can make it for at an affordable price. So if you have a kitchen party, send-off or even wedding that you are either invited or you are the bride, or you just want a chic tailored outfit for your everyday wear Ventured style will have your back, check them out HERE on their new blog VENTURED STYLE.

  Loving Beatrice's B2A print cropped pants...tres chic!  
On Cathy This is such an elegant dress, very proper on the front and long mermaid silhoutte and then baaaaam suprise! sexy back in sheer lace baby how you like that huh!? loves it!
For more information check their blog HERE, or contact them through + 255 763 829 984 / +255 713 892 919, Email them at and  

Falling into you...

It's fall season elsewhere in the world, although it's always summer in tropical Dar, I can't complain, am not a fan of cold climates anyways though a little cooler temperature would be nice...It would have been awesome to have spring and autumn seasons so we can play with layers, cute tights, knee high boots, and chic trench coats but then again with global warming I am going to be careful with what I wish might even snow in Dar.
Fall is all about darker richer earthy darker colours unlike summer which is all about bright colours...Oxblood or burgundy and rich Velvet fabrics and Jacquard are a big hit this fall season and are seen in every runway and red carpets even though it's bloody hot in Dar I still want to have a little fall fun with this outfit in dark pumpkin orange (Halloween anyone?) and the earthy dark chocolate brown which I now see complements my skin tone very well even with my sad sick face darn this cold...

oh and don't mind my sulky facial expression I was having those "do I really have to go to work morning with my really bad cold?" but I gotta and while am at it why not take a few shots from the blog eeh :P

My dress has a deep V open neckline, so instead of pinning it close or wearing a contrasting tank top underneath I decided to wear a sleeveless sheer white blouse underneath to make it more official but to also complement the V line instead of blocking it.

I'm wearing: Orange dress ~ Bongo shopaholic, White blouse ~ gifted, Necklace ~ Viatuzi, Belt ~ thrifted, Intarnacionale Shoes ~ Viatuzi, Bag ~ ZARA

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cheers to the freakin' weekend...

Happy Friday everyone!!

I'm feeling much better today, tho' am still coughing but it's a bit more tolerable and less painful...this is what am wearing today...had to dress really fast to drop my mom at work and she hates waiting and you don't want to piss my mother off LOL...Wwhenever I dress in a hurry I go to jeans and a blazer and something colourful since it's Friday I can get away with it :) I think this blazer and these white jeans are my favourite go to and most used items in my closet and I feel so bad that my blazer is slowly loosing colour from all the washing it goes through and my jeans well I think I should either get them trimmed or just throw them away I mean who in their right mind and in my size would wear white skinnies that are two sizes larger? the whole idea of skinny jeans is lost on these ones LOL, I do love them for the comfort factor no need to jump around in these hahaha...

I'm wearing: Floral blazer ~ Thrifted, New Look High low vest ~ Bongoshopaholic, Necklace ~ Mr.Price, White jeans ~ bought in China, Hand bag ~ ZARA, White boyfriend Adidas watch ~ ASOS, Brown platform sandals ~ Hallogen bought in China I also have them in black as well but for some reason I never wear these shoes.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!