Monday, October 29, 2012

A rose is still a rose...

Baby girl, you are still a flower...

remember this song by Arethra Franklin? released in 98 such a feel good song for all the ladies who have been through stuff in their lives, that no matter what you have been through you are still worthy and you are still a flower, never loose your self worth or that spring in your steps or that ever bright smile, it's all in you, cause darling you hold the power. Woke up with the song in my head and it inspired my very girly and very laid back friday outfit last week.

Wearing my floral dress from Mr.Price as a skirt, mint bow blouse from JAMSA and Miss KG hot pink platform heels from Viatuzi. Pictures taken at Changanyikeni by Subira Wahure...thanks doll!

A Heart of Gold...

Hello my darlings!!!!!

Oh what a beautiful day it is today...must something in the air :D!!! am a very happy woman today...I'm now officially (traditionally) engaged to the man I love and my best friend and and I can't thank God enough and what a wonderful God he is. Yesterday was my mahari day and the reason why I have been having such busy weekends and they are only going to get busier going forward with preparations and all...but am so very excited. 
I was such a nervous wreck yesterday that I forgot to take pictures of what I wore on my mahari and my church outfit, hopefully the photographer took some good pictures of my dress that I can share with you. But this outfit is what I wore on Saturday to do last minute shopping with my now fiance :) just my usual weekend uniform of flowy maxi skirts or dresses...the perfect thing to wear in this heat!

New sandals from Mr. Price...really love these!

I'm wearing: Korean Maxi dress ~ Thrifted, Denim Vest ~ Thrifted, Earring ~ Maya Vintage

This is a dress is a Korean traditional custume (a Hanbok) it's usually more puffier than this and worn with an embroidered small jacket but I took out the lining and netting it had under to make it less puffy and more flowy, and instead of the usual tradional jacket they use on their customes, I wore a denim vest I got from Mwenge buttoned all the way to create a waist line. I got this dress three years ago and have only worn it once since. The silk material is so very soft and luxurious and the floral pattern on it is actually painted on the dress, I love details like that it gives the clothes a more personal feel.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Suit...

Hey dolls,

Guess what? Yesterday was my birthday!!!!! yeeeeey!! I find it super cool that my birthday and my daughter's are only nine days apart, if only she had hold on in there a little longer LOL.

I'm now officially 29 years old, a year shy from the dreaded 30 *deep sigh* Goodbye sweet twenties I had blast, wish I could be turned into a vampire and stay 29 forever now that would be awesome except for the part about drinking peoples blood ewwww creepy LOL (currently watching Vampire Diaries season 3, so far so very Good!!) random. Otherwise I have no regrets, I didn't blow any candles I think that would have been one too many candles on the cake LOL but I did make lots of happy wishes and lots of Thanks giving prayers, God has been good to be over the years and am very thankful! I celebrated very low key as treated to lunch at Serena by a good friend, she and the boyfriend who is out of town had been working on my birthday all week without me knowing and I always know haa! it's not easy to surprise me LOL and am usually terrified I may not like the surprise (am a control freak and a bit OCD sometimes can't help it) so this was a sweet surprise and I absolutely loved it...Thank you Beatrice and Rey for making my day that extra special and for everyone who took time to wish me a Happy Birthday all over the social networks I appreciate the love...

I got these beauties sitting pretty on my desk...

Cake Cake Cake...deliciously soft, moist and crunchy just the way I like it.

Note to self: always take outfit pictures BEFORE eating NOT after an all-you-can-eat-buffet especially when wearing a dress like this hahaha I was sooo full sucking it in was impossible!


I'm wearing: Dress ~ Thrifted (Old), Shoes ~ ALDO from Viatuzi, Watch ~ Montine via Emirates, Leather studded Cuff ~ ebay Lookbook store, Handbag ~ VJ Collections

I have been saving this dress for a special occasion and it doesn't get any special than my birthday hahaha! I loooooooooooooooove this dress!! the beautiful mustard yellow colour, the gold buttons and the very Victoria Beckham cut ooh la la it's just super chic and classy with the buttons adding a hint of edginess! Now if I told you that I got this dress from Tandika, in perfect condition and for less than one thousands TZS about two years ago would you believe me? because that would be the honest truth, I really really love my cheap thrills treasure hunts...the gold buttons are in perfect condition not scratched or faded at all! and I have it dry cleaned to make sure they stay that way...Here's a little tip, no matter how cheap you bought something give it the care it deserves, if the label behind says dry clean only then by all means dry clean it,even if dry cleaning ten times more than the dress it self which is usually the case with me hahaha.

Because my dress was already loud on it's own with the bright yellow colour and the gold buttons and the fact that my hair extensions are super long, I chose to keep my accesories very simple with only my watch and my chunky studded cuff and black earrings or necklace. as much as I love being a bit over the top sometimes, there's a thin line between over the top and just plain tacky!

Happy Long Weekend!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet Candy...

Hello again,

Just a sweet something I wore on Sunday! I unfortunately missed the first mass and then I was told the second mass was for confirmation that's usually excessively long so we decided to go to the evening mass only to find out that because of the long confirmation mass there was no evening mass :( This was my planned church outfit...

I feel guilty when I don't dress up for church, it's like am saying my faith and worshiping God is less of an important event...I do however always observe a respectable dress code nothing above the knees or tight or skin barring... 

I'm wearing: peterpan collar blouse ~ thrifted, Pleated skirt ~ thrifted, Glitter peep-toes ~ ebay, earring ~ Maya Vintage

This blouse has to be sweetest blouse I own, the pattern is like candy, the PeterPan collar in bubblegum pink, the ruffles sweetness! I found it at Bongo shopaholic last month stock opening, the pleated skirt am wearing was a dress until this Sunday morning when i decided I didn't like the top part very much and I cut it off to be a skirt, the colour matches my blouses collar so well it actually looks like a dress together.


Hello Darlings...

I know I know I disappeared on you again my apologies! the thing is I promised Elsa that The next post I do here will be about wardrobe essentials but unfortunately I had been preparing for reviews and a couple of upcoming family thing that I hadn't had time to work on the post much less take outfit pictures, but I promised to do it and I will do it it will just take some time so Elsa my love be patient with me just a lil' bit longer.

On happy news last Friday was my daughters 3rd birthday!!! Wowerzz! sometimes I can't believe that I'm actually a mother, I feel truly blessed, feels like yesterday when the doctor put her tiny tall little body in my arms all yellow and bloody and I remember thinking wow what a tall baby, she's going to be taller than me Thank God wheew! hahaha randomness after labour, I completely forgot all the pain I had just gone through and I was filled with such overwhelming love and I kept thinking she's all mine all mine, me! I just did this! I'm a mom! and now she's three years old, walking, running, talking, getting up to all sorts of mischief being very much her mother's daughter in every sense of the way LOL...She has turned my life upside down literally in a good way, am stronger, wiser and confident because of her, she has made a woman out of a silly, naive little girl I was...I am who I am today because of this adorable little person...Happy birthday my heart.. 

being a little diva in her floral shift LOL

naughty naughty!

here's what I wore on friday...I wanted a soft fresh young mommy look and bright colours to reflect my super happy mood...This floral maxi couldroy vintage skirt is my newest purchase from Tandika, went there last week when I was feeling a little low and needed a pick me up and nothing picks me up more than my cheap thrills...paired it with my Green tank top from H&M and lime yellow cardigan from Karume, I added my pearl collar necklace and bracelet from viatuzi to classy up the old trusty banana republic sandals on my feet just incase I had to run for cover LOL..friday was a crazy day in Dar may we never live to see that again!

I have a thing coming up next weekend, so I wanted to change my hair up to more longer locks, I had ordered some new hair but it still hasn't arrived :( and another friend who was supposed to send me some forgot SMH...good hair is super expensive in bongo y'all know but this one is Noble hair called Shakira and it's actually super cheap hair and quality to match LOL but it's not so bad though and you can iron it if you like, I love the thick body waves and the lenght, it sheds a lot and has a lot of fly-aways but that's to be expected with synthetic weaves's very soft and light so here I had two packs sewn on, I added another pack later on to make it fuller.