Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hello Lovelies

As promised back to back posts :D, here a simple something I wore on saturday, I love my maxi skirts on the weekend...I threw on this breezy sheer white Hi-Lo blouse I got from a friend (Thank you Beatrice) and a statement necklace to spice it up a bit. I also took out my red bag out for a spin, can't remember the last time I used this bag, I have had it for years...I love bags and am always buying them in all shapes and sizes but very few actually get used just like my shoes I tend to pick favourites and wear them to death. 


I'm wearing: sheer white blouse ~ gifted, blue/aquamarine maxi skirt ~ from Jully of fashionistazDefined, Liz Claireborne red leather bag ~ Thrifted (Old) , Montgomery silver sandals ~ thrifted at Makumbusho

Alyssa decided to come block me LOL

I got these amazing silver pieces at sabasaba this year from some pakistani vendors...really beautifully hand made pieces.

I love sandals that fit like this, they make my toes look longer and my feet not so wide bonus! this is my favourite nail polish no matter what colour am wearing on my hands my toe nails are always painted a red or pink nail polish.


Anonymous said...

Sasa huyu ndo Anitha ninayemjua mimi, looking good Anitha...me love the whole look aisee...you know what i myself always paint my toes in red no matter what.


Anitha Anthony said...

Hahaha Mariam...am glad you like it doll.

Elsa said...

U look gud, too bad mimi siwezagi kupaka rangi ya miguu. Yaani nahisi nina pepo sijui lol..
Mariam welcome back, long time no hear.

Anitha Anthony said...

Thanks Elsa luv. Niliwamiss my VIPs mlipotea