Friday, September 28, 2012

White Wash...

Hello dolls...

TGIF!!! the weekend is finally here!

So my obsession with white continues...I just feel very fresh whenever am wearing white, it's just so clean!...I have been looking for a white blazer for a while now so when Gracella of  FlexyCollections told me she has one, I told her to go with it to the office and I planned my yesterday outfit with it in mind, I picked it up at her office in the morning and wore it to work's very light with a hint of peplum and can be work as a blouse since it doesn't have a collar...I also got a cream blazer that am wearing today so my blazer shopping list is almost complete, just need one more white with a collar, a blue, yellow, green and red one :D

so I left home wearing just the blouse and the skirt and picked the blazer on my way to work. The blouse was gifted to me by a friend and Collegue (Thanks Beatrice) I love the soft rose pink colour and the contrasting cream colar, the tiny gold buttons and its double breast pockets.

I'm wearing: a contrast blouse gifted, White skirt ~BongoShopaholics, White Blazer ~ FlexyCollection, nude/pink pumps ~ Asos, ZARA bag ~ SassynClassy

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oriental Express...

Hello Dolls...

Just a little something I wore yesterday...It was one of those days that you cant find anything to wear, my room is a total mess at the moment which makes getting dressed even harder...I'm not sure if I like this look or not hmm...what do you think?

I love this blouse, I'm actually wearing it backwards because it has a deep V front I prefer it in the back than the front, this blouse is not just silky its 100% silk the feeling against my skin is so sheets anyone!? LOL

I'm wearing: a silk Koppa blouse ~ thrifted, beige skirt ~ Atmosphere, earrings ~ gifted, beige/nude pumps ~MIA via viatuzi, ZARA bag

speaking of messy rooms, I have a small bedroom hence storage is a bit of a challenge but with a cleverly customised big-ass closet I manage but it's still not enough...lately I feel my clothes are on the floor and my bed more than they are on the closet, my shoes are all over the place and some in boxes that I even forget some of them. So I decided last weekend to have a new bigger 4x6 shoe rack made so that all my shoes will be in one place and I can see them while getting dressed...which will also free up some space in my smaller closet for my bags which are now taking much needed space in my bigger closet (it's a nightmare) so the rack was finished yesterday and I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out, all my closets are my own designs :D maybe I should get into the furniture business hahaha! I was going to post the pics on facebook but for those who are not members of my facebook page (Shame on you! it's just one click away HERE LOL) here is a sneak peek

More on facebook HERE

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tender Loving Care...

Hello lovelies,

we are having a slow week here eeh? my bad...Elsa am working on your wardrobe essentials post so don't strike luv it's comings also doing a couple of  hush hush projects and not so hush hush that I can't wait to tell you about :D soon so watch this space.

Now I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel super fresh and clean and classy like white. I love wearing white with softer but vibrant fresh colours like this Orange-y shirt dress, added the Orange belt in a sharper tone with Gold hardware. Since my outfit was already very laid back I spiced it up with bold gold accessories that complemented the belt, a neutral bag and my new nude pumps from Viatuzi that I got on the same day :D 

I'm wearing: orange shirt dress ~ thrifted, White Mid Skirt ~Thrifted, Belt ~Bounght in china, Gold cuff bracelet ~, Camel Handbag ~ ZARA, Ring ~Vjs Collections, Nude heels ~ MIA via Viatuzi September collection, Earrings (modified) ~ Mr.Price

I recently found another kibanda in my neighbourhood that sells some weird things that I love like this Mid white skirt which I got for a measly TZS 1,500/- somebody say Bargaaaiiin!! it's just perfect! the material is even better it looks like linen but its lighter and its not mission impossible trying to iron it Bonus! i got a couple of cute things from there and I can't wait to wear them.
Let me give you a couple of tips about Thrifting/ Kusagura
1. Don't expect too much!

Yes most people go with a ton of money kusagura expecting to buy a ton of stuff at a go that they will be wearing for a whole year through...I say that is a big will end up with a lot of nguo zilizochakaa a not so hot mess so to say or nothing at all. Thrifting for me is a hobby and something I do to relax but I'm VERY particular about what I will buy, if it's damaged No thanks, had polyester balls all over it No, nyuzi zimevutika No, really bad elastine material No-No...just cause ni mtumba doesn't mean it has to look like it in a bad way!! I thrift at time of the day and anywhere well except Ilala I don't feel Zen-y there. If i get two good blouses or even one am happy, there will be other days so be patient!

2. Do Keep an Open Mind,

okay My second rule contradicts the first a bit. When I say keep an open mind I mean always visualise when thrifting how a certain thing will look with a little TLC (Tender Loving Care for my non IM friends :D) if you find something you love but it has a stain check if it can be cleaned, can you bleach it? or just take it to the dry cleaners! Yes the dry cleaners...there are times I but something for less than a TZS 1000 and I pay TZS 5000 to dry clean it because I see it's worth and it's about the price I paid for it. If you find something without a zipper that's easy to fix kwa fundi juma kitaa, missing buttons all these are easy to fix, you may also find something with a ripped seam or side just check if it's reparable with your fundi. There are times you find something you don't like but you love the fabric and the pattern get it and take it to the fundi to make something you like, my mother does that.

Monday, September 24, 2012

My saving Grace...

Hello Dolls,

How was your weekend? did anything fun? Mine was great thanks for asking :D LOL...

I went to church with my little family yesterday...Alyssa my usually very quite around strangers baby was at her naughtiest at church, she was all over the place, laughing, taking all my stuff, calling me mama mamaaa mambo? mimaa? loudly! getting under my skirt, poking other people, she wouldnt stop I breathed a sigh of relief when the mass was over without a crying incident now those are the worst, I really suck at being the stern disciplinary mother she knows she's the boss *sigh*.

I finally got to wear this navy blue bow tie top :D I got at Shopaholics about three months ago, I think I have mentioned one too many times how much I love bows, to me anything with a bow takes me to a happy girly place...I feel the same way about polkadots, I mean what's not to love? so when I saw this giant polkadots skirt (it's actually a dress)  at my usual babu place mitaa ya home I knew it will go perfectly with my top...did I mention the skirt is silk? :D I originally was going to wear the outfit wit a red bag and a red belt (such a cliché) but I really wanted to wear new my gold belt which arrived on Saturday from isn't it so cool? got it on sale for $7 only! (I'm officially addicted to asos, shipping is so fast and prices are super good!!) so I decided to go neutral with beige/nude and gold accessories and pink lipstick for a pop of colour.

I'm wearing: navy blue bow tie top ~ Topshop thrifted via Bongo shopaholics, navy and white polkadot skirt ~Thrifted, beige/nude shoes ~ Internacionale via Viatuzi, nude/beige envelope clutch ~ Atmosphere via Sassy and Classy, Gold tortoise link belt ~ asos, Ring and bracelet ~quality centre 

Friday, September 21, 2012

C'est la vie...

Hello lovelies,

I thought I should leave you with what am wearing today...

am still not feeling well and my mood is even worse, I hate it when I allow insignificant eish to get to me, but it does am only human after all. So what better way to cheer my self up than with over-eating and with bright colours and lots of flowers...Can you say obsessed? I am obsessed with the print on print trend and I just love it when they go so well together, like this floral blazer and the floral blouse, it's like they were meant for each other...

I got these hot pink jeans at Bongo Shopaholic last month pamoja na the green ones I wore HERE they are all H&M and I loooooove the fit and the material, they are so very comfortable, I wish they were tighter on the leg but I don't mind that they are loose either, so maybe I will have them adjusted a little later on...since my outfit was already bright enough I decided to keep my accessories simple and plain with the small pearl earrings.

I'm wearing: floral blouse ~thrifted (Karume), floral blazer ~ thrifted (karume) , pink jeans ~ H&M thrifted at bongoshopaholics, orange suede pumps ~Breshka from Viatuzi, quilted white bag ~thrifted (Karume)
Have a lovely weekend guys...God bless