Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Out...

Hey Lovelies,

How's the week going?

Mine is the usual work work work, my mind is going round and round thinking how am meeting my target this year...lately I have been frowning so much from that  I found tiny wrinkles around my eyebrows and eyes I freaked out and started to seriously consider Botox LOL...I'm kidding!! but I have been trying not to frown since then and been applying a ton of Vaseline intensive care deep conditioning lotion and jelly on my face and especially around my eyebrows...too young to get wrinkles I say nooooo!! I'm I the only one paranoid about aging? I guess it's something every woman goes through especially when you are nearing the dreaded 30 darn it! anyways enough with the ranting...I was feeling like dressing the corporate part yesterday...I love colours but I love an all black outfit once in a while. I got my hair done finally "Afro kinky", a friend of mine always does this hair and she looks really good so I thought I would give it a try as well my biggest worry is how much hair breakage is this going to do, its still too painfully tight to even tie it properly makes my head look bigger than usual LOL.

I'm wearing: Black blazer ~ China, Black pencil skirt ~ Thrifted Karume, Contrast lime green and black ruffled blouse ~ thrifted Karume, Black ALDO pumps ~ New babies from Viatuzi, Brown bag ~ from VJ fashions Sinza, Earrings ~ Cassandra shoppers plaza, Metallic silver skinny belt ~ Thrifted Karume

Most corporate offices especially banks do not allow sleeveless blouses, but you can get away with this one because it's not exactly spaghetti straps and it's structured and appropriate for work but if it's not allowed then always have a clean cut classic blazer around to wear on top, you can take it off after work for happy hour drinks with friends or date with your man and still look chic but not so serious...and that's your 9 to 5 style secret the way I got this blouse from Karume last weekend for only 2500/- it's cheaper than my earrings LOL...I wish I could show you guys where I shop in Karume or Tandika most people say they have been there and hawajapata kitu but I go there saa kumi na moja jioni on a random day and leave with about five to ten blouses but problem is its pretty hard kuwaelekeza the tables I go to because the place is very random...hmm am thinking of a solution guys will update you.

did I mention how much I love these shoes? look at those heels! perfect height I could walk all day in these, I need to get Brown and Tan ones asap.

What do you think of my look? do we like? let me hear your thoughts on the comment section, Have a great week my darlings...Don't forget to LIKE the facebook page guys pleaseeeeee!



Monday, August 27, 2012

Nappy bed head...

Hey Dolls,

How was the weekend? mine was great..the usual stuff, work, date with the boyfriend, then on Sunday a confirmation of my cousin and then a "Ntenguli" night of my mom's boss daughter with my mom...ever heard on a "Ntenguli" night weye? LOL...neither did I, first time hearing about it yesterday. Apparently ni send-off party after the wedding, so the wedding was Saturday then the send-off on's a Singida people thing, it was really cool tho! the party was amazing I loved the whole utamaduni, the decor was amazing, loved it and Singida girls are so gowjas and they all have these really beautiful thick legs! I took some pics of my outfit but it was dark so quality is not so good but check them out HERE on my facebook page.

This is what I wore hair is really crazy now I know LOL, ntasuka this week naogopa hata kuzichana, I just spray conditioner and run my fingers in it ;)))) I look like I just woke up meiin I blame it all on blue's always so hard to dress up on Mondays, to lazy to even accessorize or wear makeup.

I'm wearing: Tshirt ~ made by Africa , skirt ~ Thrifted , belt ~ thrifted , heels ~ Asos, Adidas Cambridge watch ~ Asos 

By the way guys, I did an online interview for another blog at and it's been up for a while but I just saw it today so cool! thank you Juliana! check it out HERE for my views on all things fashion. Also I was honoured with another feature at 8020fashions check it HERE Thank you Shamim!
             Have a great blessed week Dolls, Hopefully I will have good hair by next post LOL...



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sail Away...

Hello Darlings,

Here's what I wore yesterday on casual Friday mode...nautical stripes and a little red thrown in...I also washed my hair and shrunk it back to an afro..this hair is so easy to manage I don't have to comb it at all..I just wash it, towel dry it (blow-drying straightens the hair), I spray conditioner on it and just run my fingers in it and press it down no combing involved :D

my eyes look funny without eyeliner or mascara, I don't wear makeup but black eyeliner is something I always always wear, sometimes I wear mascara but I hate how hard it is to clean it out.
gold cuff ~ Asos, Butterfly ring ~ bought from a friend, Bag ~ Uchumi Boutique, scarf veeeeeery old from mama

got these Rebels black denim shoes from Karume, my version of converse sneakers.

anchor rope necklace ~ Viatuzi, H&M striped tank top, red chambray shirt ~ thrifted, Adidas Cambridge watch ~ Asos, pleated black skirt ~ thrifted (old)

Have a happy weekend and thanks for reading...



Thursday, August 23, 2012

I may be Wrong, but am always Right...

Hello Dolls,

So this is something casual I wore last saturday...I wasn't going to post these pictures cause I didn't like how stupid my hair looks, I have been messing with the bangs again, I dont know how many times I have cut this hair each time worse than the first, sometimes it's best to leave some things to the proffessionals but when will I ever learn LOL.

This kitenge skirt was originally a dress that I had designed for a work african themed event last year...I was not feeling the dress anymore so I had the top part cut and turned it into a skirt, unfortunately I had it washed and the colours just got ruined dont think I will be wearing it again. apparently the vitenge nowadays are not to be cleaned. The kitenge was part of a kitchen party sare that I never had a chance to get it done, but I really loved the vibrant colours and the animals on it not sure if they are gazelles or antellopes it's so very B2A.

I'm wearing: Kitenge skirt ~ my design, black hi-lo Tshirt ~ China, cleopatra necklace ~ Viatuzi, Oxygen sandals heels ~ China, Black Zara tote ~ via Viatuzi

I have a skinny chick legs right!? LOL....Oxygen platform sandals heels ~ bought in China last year in black and another pair in tan brown, this is the first time wearing these after a little modification, I'm a cobbler part time LOL, I hate the sound that wooden platform makes. note to self: never buy shoes with wooden heels!

Looking forward to Friday? I know I am...Thanks for reading my ramblings dolls!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hello Dolls,

How was your long weekend?

So I admit Titles sometimes run-away with me and I like being a bit poetic with my titles so eerrrr today it's Buckle-wild , BuckWild as in reference to my double buckle vintage pure leather belt (its so typical mhaya of me to go into long details about stuff LOL) and my buckled bag handles. So this is what I was wearing today...I spent the whole day running around town (in those heels) meeting clients passing by offices, but it was a good day,and am thankful.

I couldn't stand my weave a day longer so I woke up early morning took a razor blade and started cutting it out, I like un-doing my weaves myself that way I don't cut my hair, I feel saloon girls are always in a hurry and they keep chopping hair off when cutting the weave out. I'm pleased with how my hair has grown  (yes it's all mine) I can almost tie it all in the middle now and it's thick and health...and my breakage in the hair-line (the reason I decided to shave all my hair off) is now almost gone...most people say weaving cause hair breakage it's actually not really true for me its been a way to get all my hair plaited and growing underneath, I think if your hair is weak and damaged then breakage will occur, whenever you are doing any sort of braiding or weaving make sure your hair is properly conditioned and protected, deep conditioning often, you don't need fancy hair products on your hair to keep it healthy but you do need to use good trusted ones made for your hair type, try not to heat style your hair too often (even staying under the drier every weak weakens your hair, if you can have the rollers set on your hair and then just walk around your house on your daily routine until your hair air-dried but for goodness sake please don't go to market or anywhere for that matter with rollers on your head LOL), ironing is not an every day thing it weakens your hair so only do it once in while...

I love these shoeeeees!! Steve by Steve Madden "Krystel" pumps ~ Viatuzi July colection

forgive the frowny faces here the sun was hitting me right in the eyes but sun = great pics so I tolerate it for you my lovelies LOL

Cute Mint Dorothy Perkins lace top ~ Bongo Shopaholics, Belt Vintage ~ very old got it in 2006 I think I will pass it on to Alyssa one day :D.

my poor ZARA tote has been resting for some time, the leather is cracking from excessive matumizi I tell you :((