Friday, July 27, 2012

It's All or Nothing...

Hello Dolls,


You all know by now that I just love Fridays right? but then again who doesn't!?

But this particular Friday morning I found out that I have lost 2kgs this week Yippeeee!!!...all the suffering I have gone through this week cutting out sugar and carbs seems worth it (there has been a lot of cheating in between tho hahahaha)...It's not that I have a problem loosing weight I just have a problem staying on the straight and narrow when it comes to food..especially when am on a diet that restricts my sugar and carb intake all the good stuff am addicted to...To celebrate the 2kgs loss I went Colour Crazy with Neon brights... 

...This green top is 100% pure silk a present from my mother, I can't remember when exactly she gave it to me but I just have never worn it before, it's a bit big on the cups and am not so gifted on the bosom area, once I put the the top on I instinctively went for all the matching items I can't help being matchy -matchy LOL. I added new Neon pink pumps which are so very comfortable and so bright and match my nail polish (details,details) a multicoloured bead necklace I got from an accesories shop in quality centre a couple of months back which incidentally matches my multi-coloured spikes bracelet I got at Mlimani city to pull the whole look together.

I'm wearing: Lime Green Cardigan ~ Thrifted (Karume), Green Silk colour blocked top ~ Thrifted, Talbot petites Taupe pants ~ Thrifted, Neon yellow belt ~ BongoShopaholics, Neon Pink Lipsy pumps ~ Viatuzi July collection, Zara Tote ~ SassynClassy, Bracelet ~ Hollie Wood MlimaniCity, Beaded-braided necklace ~ Quality Centre 

All pictures thanks to Suzy my sweetest colleague, How I will miss you...sob sob sob...

                                                  Have a lovely weekend lovies...


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Memoirs of a Geisha Girl...

Hello darling readers,

Just a quick post of my Monday outfit wearing a top that I have had since my second year in college that's about 9 years ago!! which makes me ancient and a hoarder and I'm not parting with my beloved blouse anytime soon doesn't fit me like it used to, my waist line is definitely thicker than it used to be LOL ...but the best thing about kimono/wrap type tops is they are adjustable. This top is all my favourite trends in one pastel colours - check, peplum - check and pleats - cheeeeeck !..proof that new trends are just recycled old trends.

I decided to wear muted colours top to bottom monochromatic style which is usually not so very smart with muted colours since it may make you look tired and sloppy so I added my statement choker necklace and my cuff to add some drama.

I'm wearing: Thrifted kimono style top ~ Very Old, Caramel Skirt ~ Thrifted, ZARA bag ~ SassynClassy, Beige Internationale patent pumps ~ Viatuzi, Choker necklace and cuff bracelet ~ Viatuzi, Casio Watch ~ GAME, Aldo Sunglasses



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sun Kissed...

Hello Darlings...

How's your week going?

After my hectic Saturday I had a lazy family Sunday, and by lazy I mean I slept in, woke up late thinking I was going to make it for the second Mass at church only to find out that there was only one Mass last sunday and I was late for it :(( wish I paid more attention to matangazo after the mass...I decided to play dress up and take outfit picture anyways...Tested the hair curler I bought and I think I did pretty good for a first try without burning myself, tried applying false eyelashes I got at Sheer illusion wasn't as successful the glue was already dry, so I went all out on the lippie.

You already know this skirt worn differently on another post click HERE to see the post and this blouse worn before HERE, I wanted to create a different look that will of course feature my new babies that I just can't get enough of, I played with the different shades of blue and green and mint. My cute little bag is another one of my Tandika treasures, a velvet darling with a tweed patch flowers and blue stones with a chain strap that I have been neglecting for so long since it's so small it's not very practical for someone who carries as much stuff as I do in a bag. I piled on minty bracelets to coordinate the bag into the very monochromatic look. My very patient baby brother took the pictures and kept chopping my feet SMH still needs more training LOL...

Printed Skirt ~ Thrifted, Velvet handbag ~ Thrifted, Blue/green ZARA patent leather peep toe pumps ~ Viatuzi July collection

Earrings ~ Cassandra (Shoppers Plaza), Lipstick Diana of London Rosewood ~ JD pharmacy, I need to get my eyebrows trimmed again.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Water Colours...

Hello Darlings,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...mine was a busy Saturday as usual, followed by a lazy Sunday...I did manage to get some outfit shots though, so here my Saturday outfit pics thanks to the most patient boyfriend in the world LOL....

This is actually an oversize H&M Tee-shirt dress-top, that I got as a present from a good friend from her Europe of the perks of being short and somewhat petite ;) is that I can wear things like these as a dress, I love the beautiful soft peach colour, pastel shades are really my favourite colours they are just so soft and calming...I added a floral pastel coloured cotton scarf and a belt to make it more mature and to spice up the dress, pastel colours beautiful as they may be, need to be combined most of the time, otherwise they can wash you out...I give my legs a break on weekends so sandals are the way to go... 

the "I need to go now" pose...LOL

I'm wearing: H&M Tee ~ Gifted, Scarf ~ Thrifted, Sandals ~ Thrifted, Skinny belt ~ from China, ZARA bag ~ SassynClassy

I got these beautiful Wing earrings at Viatuzi from the new collection.



Saturday, July 21, 2012

We don't need another Hero...

Hello my darlings,

I have been so terrible this past week in more ways than one, I haven't made a post all week and I blame it all on work and hormones since I have not  been liking anything I wore this week and just so stressed with work but am not going to complain about that because I did say I work well under pressure when I applied so I will shush...

This was my Friday outfit, if there's a trend am really feeling at the moment it's the print-on-print trend, normally I like wearing my printed skirts with tank tops in a single colour from the pattern, but I have already worn this skirt like that in another post check it HERE,  so I decided why not do print on print? when wearing print-on-print there's basically no rule, just make sure it all coordinates but having one similar colour in both prints does make all the difference and brings harmony to the look, like in mine the camel brown present in both prints...making the whole thing compatible...I added the denim jacket and belt for the office so don't freak out I know better LOL.

So about being bad, even after promising myself that I will not buy any more shoes :P I went to Viatuzi last week to see the New July collection, I was just escorting some girlfriends maybe buy a necklace or two but no shoes but I cracked and ended up with FOUR! pairs of shoes...the July collection is just too fabulous and am so glad we were late so most of the stuff was already taken by the hungry shopaholics cause I would have had a very hard time...I got a very long, deep and guilt inducing lecture on my unhealthy obsession with shoes and very immature spending habits from my man, so I will really stop this time I do admit I have a lot of shoes and most I do not even wear and this things are expensive but I did explain that at least I do not buy expensive clothes right? seriously can a girl ever have too many shoes!? don't answer in the spirit of new shoes I had to wear one immediately! meet my beautiful patent leather blue-green ZARA peep toes, they are just so beautiful and so very comfortable but still need a little breaking in but that's nothing a little time in the freezer won't do...Yes the freezer! I just learned a neat little trick on YouTube on how to stretch your shoes with ice so very clever check the video HERE! I went a step further and placed mine inside a plastic bag so that no one would know there are shoes in the freezer LOL

I'm wearing: a thrifted Denim jacket, Thrifted animal print camisole, thrifted Aztec/floral print skirt, ZARA patent leather bag ~ SassynClassy, ZARA patent leather peeptoe heels ~ Viatuzi

Ramadhan Kareem Enshallah to all my Muslim readers



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black and White defined...

Hey Dolls,

Wanted to share with you my Blue Monday outfit, I always lack inspiration on Mondays and am usually so tired!! yesterday was no different I had a tiring but exciting weekend and as a result I was sleep-walking all day and my face well you can see from the pics how puffy it looks's a gud thing I had some new stuff to wear other wise I would have thrown everything out of my closet to the floor...I got a new white T-shirt at sabasaba from Liberatus Apparel a small local company that sells T-shirt find them HERE I have said it before and will say it again a basic white Tshirt is a wardrobe essential every woman should have they just go with everything and can be dressed down or up with the right accessories. 

I'm wearing: White Tshirt ~ Liberatus Apparel, Black pencil skirt ~ Thrifted, Ben de LISI Necklace ~ Viatuzi, Ninewest Leopard pony hair pumps ~ Viatuzi, Quilted chain strap bag ~ Thrifted Karume

and am happy to welcome a new pencil skirt to the family that I got last week at Karume...this skirt is definitely my favourite now, the fit is just so good I feel slim in this skirt and best part is it has pockets...I also got this bag at Karume in perfect condition. Mitumba bags due to packaging are mostly usually damaged in one way or another but there ones that getaway and these are the ones I look for...I literally turn a bag inside out and when am sure its not damaged or discoloured and if it's something I can clean out or fix and that's when I buy it...I use the same method when buying clothes...