Friday, June 29, 2012

New In - Tribal Print Neon Platforms!!!

Hello everyone!!!

So I just got these babies today and I just had to share OM'Gosh aren't they beautiful!!!!!?? Can't wait to debut them out...where the party at? My friends just got back from a tour of Europe (I wish I had gone too) and when I heard they will be spending time in Barcelona Spain a.k.a ZARA capital I just went crazy and asked them to bring me about four pairs of shoes but sadly the ones I picked were all not available in my size except for these! I was worried about the height but am so suprised at how comfy these are! I love love love the tribal print in Neon bright colours Shoe-in-Love right now!!

Btw there's a sale at ZARA US and UK so if you know someone better get shopping though I doubt theres anything left but if you have a small shoe size you might get something.

ZARA - Trafaluc line




Kenyan in Dar said...

Oh! J'adore!!

Cannot wait to see how you will dress em!

Anitha said...

Me too :))) can't wait to debut them.