Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Friday Night...

Hey Dolls,
How's the week coming along?

This is a two in one post...because no matter how hard I try I just end up with a back log of outfit posts! living a double life is no joke eeh! Kibarua by day and blogger by night *insert BBM wheew face here* but am not complaining this keeps me on my toes and I need that because I am really lazy naturally just ask my mother ha ha ha! owkeeey so last Friday...ya'll know Friday we do a casual but still work-ish appropriate look and since am still obsessed with my R2D2 face bag (my brother call it that) I went black and white again.

I'm wearing an Old Thrifted asymmetrical polkadot shirt-dress ~ Karume, Black Skinny jeans ~ from some shop in Sinza, Necklace ~ Viatuzi, Handbag ~ UCHUMI supermarket, two toned satin shoes ~ Thrifted in Posta 
I already made a post of these on my facebook page when I got them and by now knowing me, you know it was the bows at the back that got me!! am a sucker for anything with bows!! and ofcource the two tone and cap toe. All this beauty for only TZS 8,000/-!! I do love a good bargain! these shoes are by a japanese brand which means the seller got them from Karume because Karume is a haven for Korean and Japanese Brands...Koreans do make the cutest stuff!

I knew I would be working late on friday and I had a date with my girlfriends for our end of the month Girls Night Out (Just got paid, Friday Night, Feeling right yeeeah!) we like to meet up for a night of fun, away from work stress, family and school and just chillax and talk talk and talk...we are usually so loud, one of these days we will so get kicked out of a restaurant hahaha...always so much fun! So anyways I packed my change of clothes and changed at work and I was ready to go! Remember this Dress? I had posted it on the last week Karume Haul on the facebook page!!? how cute is it?? and only TZS 3000/-!! when we saw the dress the metal detailing on the side was loose and falling off but the dress was in perfect condition, so I took it and thanks to needle-work classes from my mother, am pretty handy at stitching stuff like that and the dress is now as good as new!! since the Dress had the silver metal detailing I kept everything else silver as well with my studded shoulder bag used as a clutch and studded bangle, and silver stoned accessories keeping the look edgy and the hot pink shoes making it feminine.

Double finger hearts ring ~ Viatuzi, studded bangle ~ Shopperzplaza, ring ~ Truworth, Studded shoulder bag used as a clutch ~ Thrifted Karume, Hoops earrings ~ Kisutu (uhindini), MissKG heels ~ Viatuzi

my cheezy smile ;)))




Anonymous said...

Anitha, one of these days will have to come and bail me out of prison because i will be sentenced to jail for "wasting employer's time" coz apparently i am addicted to your blog and first thing i do when am at the office is to read your blog. I will need a good lawyer.


Anitha said...

Hahahahahaha Mariam...that's so good to hear...hehehe will defoo get you a lawyer luv. Xo

Elsa said...

What was that again?
Ohh forget to announce am in strike at the office coz this chika kill me with her cheap beautiful pieces. Gota apply leave so I can go thriftin.

Anitha said...

Hahaha Elsa...a whole leave?weekend are enough

Duchess Gabrielle said...

The work bag is just perfect. And I love those pointy toe pumps. Never cared for pink but I am slowly warming up to it :-)