Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jungle Fever...

Hello Good people,

How is the weekend going? I have a million errands to run to day and a wedding to attend in the evening so am going to make it a  no blah blah blah quick post...well maybe just a little bit LOL! This was my Friday outfit, I got this linen olive coloured skirt in China and for some odd reasons I have never worn it before, maybe because its impossible to iron and I don't know how to work a steam iron, It has a very interesting design on it, paired it with a cropped High-Low T-shirt and belted it with a brown animal print for that African Safari look. 

I'm wearing: Olive Green skirt ~ China, Black T-shirt ~ China, Dororthy Perkins pumps ~ Viatuzi, ZARA bag ~ Sassy&Classy, animal print brown belt ~ Thrifted (Old), Gold cuff ~ Viatuzi, Cocktail ring ~ Mr.Price, Animal print sandals ~ Thrifted from Arusha (Old)




Anonymous said...

Nice outfit, did zara the shop send the handbag to bongo, pls let mé know how because l want that bag badly

Anitha said...

Thanks Anony! Zara dOesnt ship to TZ, I Ordered it through a BBM group shop ...add this PIN 2711F49D

Elsa said...

We are the same I hate linen, no matter how long you spend iron it it will still look like it arrived from Trashh..
Thanks for the Idea on how to wear High-Low T-shirt got one on saturday thriftn at mwenge..

Anitha said...

Oohhh I really want to go to Mwenge as well I hear there are lots of cute stuff there!