Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello Darlings!

So Finally after much thought and separation anxiety attacks hahahaha I finally have the Giveaway ready for you!! Ta-daaaaa! A beautiful and brand new envelope Clutch!! I figured a bag is the only way all my readers can participate in the giveaway without size discrimination, oh yes boys can also participate and win it for your significant other ;)

 I got this Clutch and it's Yellow twin sister in China, and I have only used this clutch once so I will definetly drop a tear or two when I have to part with it LOL! but seriously I love you guys and your support means a lot, so keep coming here, this is just a taste of greater things to come.

Apart from the size of this clutch, I love the two detachable shoulder and wrist strap that come with the bag and also it's yummy chocolate-y burnt orange-y colour. It can be worn casual as a day bag or dressy when going out.

This Giveaway is OPEN to all my readers within Tanzania, so don't worry wherever you are within Tanzania if you win it I will ship it to you.

Now All you have to do to Win this Beautiful Clutch is:

Step 1:
Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin'

Step 2:
Like AnithasCloset Page Facebook

Step 3:
Follow @Anithascloset on twitter

and tweet this:
"Win a trendy envelope clutch bag by following @AnithasCloset giveaway at

Step 4:
Leave a comment on this post with the following:

Your Name:
Facebook and Twitter names

It's that Simple :)))

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN UNTIL THE 15th JULY 2012 and the winner will be selected from the number of comments left on this post by a random number selector so get to it guys!!

Also if you haven't already voted for me, Please do so HERE for "Best New Comer Blog 2012" pretty please!!!!!!!!




Renee said...

Yeeeyyy let's do this! Count me in! Lol

Renee said...

Oopps forgot
Name: Renee R
Facebook name: Irene Rweg
Twitter: IreneRwega

Elsa said...

Hapo tutakapoanza kutoana meno na vidole kupinda khaaaaaaaa giveaway ni noumerrrrrrr..
Before that I want to anounce that am on strike coz seems our CEO doesnt wanna show us her face,, Danm anitha lets us se the hair do bby..

Am in in give away my name is Margarither.

Anonymous said...

i thought the black handbag would have made to the giveaway...sigh!!!anyways, i am not on twitter and dont know how am gonna be part of this...well i have liked you on facebook and am dropping a comment now, may be this will be enough!!??


Celina said...
twitter and Facebook Celina Stewart

Tunny said...

And the clutch goes to...Tuni

Jayjo said...

I would love to be the luck one to receive that, but anyway we'll just wait and see.
My details are;
Name: Janeth Msangi
Facebook name: Janet Msangi
Twitter: Jayjo84

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i wish to win dat clutch jmn ni nzuri,nimefall in love kwakweli.
Name:Mkami M.

Anonymous said...

ah too bad im not in tz Anitha...but yeeey!!!!!!! its a lovely one doll xo

Aisha said...

Anitha this clutch goes to me, Renee unachako my young sisy..
Your Name:Aisha-Fifih Keinan
Facebook and Twitter names: Aisha-Fifih Keinan

cma said...

m in love wit the clutch i hope m goin to win this
name:Siima R

Anonymous said...

i love the way u dress up.... nice combination,go gal

NAME:Mkami M.

Anonymous said...

gotta luv ua sense of humour,,,u look fab-as always

Kenyan in Dar said...

Yeah! Finally!

Unfortunately I have a burnt orange clutch I thrifted in Nai a while back, almost looks like this one, so am gonna let this give away pass me by.

Good luck to the others!

Mkami said...

i wish to have dat clutch....

Anonymous said...

I wish to win this cluth,its so nice

NAME.Lilian Tarimo
Facebook lilianpole

mkami said...

oooh clutch clutch i wish to get it kwakweli....

Anonymous said...

Duh naitamanije ze Clutch!!

Name: Jenipher Swai
Facebook: Jenipher Swai
Twitter: janeswai

Luv u sweery, and your blog!

Anonymous said...

And here is your winner;

Name: Anither Msangi
Facebook: Anitha Msangi
Twitter: Fancy_Nita

Thank you for the clutch :-)

Anonymous said...

And here is your winner;

Name: Anither Msangi
Facebook: Anitha Msangi
Twitter: Fancy_Nita

Thank you for the clutch :-)

Anonymous said...

hey hope will be the winner.....
name: precious beatrice
facebook name:precious beatrice cassan

Precious Beatrice said...

mmmh Anitha u will kill m oooh
name precious b
facebook: precious beatrice

LizdeLucs said...

so niice..
fb: Isaya Elizabeth

LizdeLucs said...

so nice...
name: Elizabeth
fb:Isaya Elizabeth