Friday, June 29, 2012

New In - Tribal Print Neon Platforms!!!

Hello everyone!!!

So I just got these babies today and I just had to share OM'Gosh aren't they beautiful!!!!!?? Can't wait to debut them out...where the party at? My friends just got back from a tour of Europe (I wish I had gone too) and when I heard they will be spending time in Barcelona Spain a.k.a ZARA capital I just went crazy and asked them to bring me about four pairs of shoes but sadly the ones I picked were all not available in my size except for these! I was worried about the height but am so suprised at how comfy these are! I love love love the tribal print in Neon bright colours Shoe-in-Love right now!!

Btw there's a sale at ZARA US and UK so if you know someone better get shopping though I doubt theres anything left but if you have a small shoe size you might get something.

ZARA - Trafaluc line



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All the things She said...

Hello Dolls!

How was your Day? Hope it was productive.

I spent the better part of the afternoon at church for a funeral mass of a relative who passed away this week from Cancer :( was heart breaking, he has left behind a wife and four young kids I cannot even imagine what they are going through. Family gathering always freak me out a little, I don't know the names of half my relatives, I'm good with faces but I suck at names and how we are related, my Ukoo is so very big sometimes I feel all wahaya and wanyambo are just one big family, so I never know who's actually family or who's just from the same village as my parents, or who's mother's mother is a cousin of my mother's aunt or father's mother's sister it's all so very complicated LOL. To top it I don't speak the language (ashamedly so) and then there's the usual tiresome question's and comments oh my you have grown! do you have Children? are you married?(while checking my ring finger) where do you work now? and where do you stay? where are you hiding? how come we haven't seen your baby? you are so fat now! one woman even went as far to tell me you need to stop pombe that my belly is too big (duuh like I don't know!? I don't even drink!! beer that is LOL) seriously!! like I said you gotta love family they give it to you like it is and I take it with a fixed smile on my face (think the Joker buhahahaha). 

On to the outfit,  We are hving some electrical situation at home so I had to pick the only two items in my closet that do not need ironing. I have had this pleated skirt for years, the trend has come and gone and come back again and am glad I never gave it away (someone say Hoarder!!!) I so wish I had never cut it! It was a maxi when I bought it, but at the time the trend was shorter skirts so I had it cut  but I still love it and I don't see myself parting with it anytime soon. wearing it with my ruched mint scarf-print top.

I dont know what this is supposed to be but I was going for naughty and provocative kinda LOL

I'm wearing: Thrifted scarf print top ~ JAMSA, Thrifted pleated skirt ~ kkoo (Old), Dororthy Perkins Tan pumps ~ Viatuzi, ZARA bag ~ SassynClassy, Earrings ~ Marriedo, Necklace ~ DIY, Bracelet ~ Quality Centre

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A "Suit" kind of Day...

Hello Darlings,

How's the week coming along? you like the giveaway? keep entering who knows you might be the lucky winner! So as you know from my facebook page I had yeboyebo plaits on my hair this weekend and let me just say I was shocked to see my face after, all chubby and bloated like that eeeew! I knew I had gained weight I mean duuuh! but It kinda hit me more this weekend even my brother went like "Sis you are getting fatter by the day not a good look on you" trust my brother's to give me the cold hard truth without mincing the words, gotta love family for that LOL!

Anyways I spent the whole weekend thinking whether I should undo the hair but the 25,000/= I spent not to mention the hours I spent sitting with my head, neck and bum aching at Mwenge to go to waste heck no!! I will stick with them for the customary three weeks and love it! I will take lots of side ways pics if I must LOL!

I'm really not a formal suit kind of girl, I only wear suits when I have interviews or when I have nothing to wear because they are easy to wear but just so formal and rigid yuck! I prefer breaking the suit apart, wearing the jacket as blazer and the skirt or trouser as any other separate piece. Today I woke up late, had a very important "don't dare be late" weekly meeting at the head office so that meant no time to waste just grab the suit. This suit is actually two separate pieces thrifted from two different places and different times but they have the same shade of black, same material and even the woven pattern of the material is the same it's like they were meant to be together so I wear them together, just added my animal print Cami and belt to spice it up a bit. A suit doesn't have to be boring.

I'm wearing: Skirt ~ Thrifted (Old), Jacket ~ Thrifted (Old from College days), Intimate Moods animal print Cami ~ Thrifted, Amiee Lynn Animal Print belt ~ Thrifted, Cathy Jean Brazil patent leather pumps ~ Viatuzi, ZARA patent leather bag ~ SassynClassy

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Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello Darlings!

So Finally after much thought and separation anxiety attacks hahahaha I finally have the Giveaway ready for you!! Ta-daaaaa! A beautiful and brand new envelope Clutch!! I figured a bag is the only way all my readers can participate in the giveaway without size discrimination, oh yes boys can also participate and win it for your significant other ;)

 I got this Clutch and it's Yellow twin sister in China, and I have only used this clutch once so I will definetly drop a tear or two when I have to part with it LOL! but seriously I love you guys and your support means a lot, so keep coming here, this is just a taste of greater things to come.

Apart from the size of this clutch, I love the two detachable shoulder and wrist strap that come with the bag and also it's yummy chocolate-y burnt orange-y colour. It can be worn casual as a day bag or dressy when going out.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Love is my drug...

Helloooo everyone!

You can tell am in a super good mood today! and it's because I just found out (very late SMH) that thanks to you my darling readers and your nominations, I'm on the final five blogs competing for the Best Newcomer Blog 2012 on Tanzanian Blog!!!!! how awesome is that? I can't thank you enough guys, even if we don't win we still did it!! but I still need your votes once again guys so please go vote HERE It would mean a world to me.

On to the outfit, by now you know how I really love vintage kind of clothing, mainly cause they look so lady-like, they are different and unique. I found this vintage skirt about two weeks ago when I took a friend shopping at Karume, it was love at first sight. I love the fun colourful floral print and the Mid calf length and I especially love that it has pockets. Wore it with a bubblegum pink tank top and added the navy blue shirt for cover at the office and added my new platforms for a touch of modern. when wearing vintage stick to one item at a time, you dont want to look like you are lost in the 80s hahaha, wear one vintage item keep the rest modern for a timeless chic look.

I'm wearing: Vintage Skirt ~ Thrifted, H&M Tank top, Van Heusen Navy Blue shirt ~ Thrifted, MissKG Fuschia Platform pumps ~ Viatuzi, Grey messenger bag ~ from China


I have finally decided on a giveaway and I will post it tomorrow on the blog so watch this space (Yes I am shamelessly bribing you LOL).

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                               Thank you and Have a great weekend!!



Thursday, June 21, 2012

I like mine with Mustard...

Yellow everyone...hahaha

Guys I want you to meet my new favourite dress!! I got this dress on sale in China last year and I wasn't really that crazy about it except for the colours and the collar design but after some minor alterations kwa fundi it's now perfect! I paired it with my favourite faux pearl white belt and all faux pearls jewerly.

This is my most treasured belt, covered in pearls, secured by gold chains very impressive craftsmanship.

I'm wearing: Korean Brand dress ~ From China, Handbag (OLD) ~ Thrifted, Faux pearls white belt ~ Thrifted, Scarf ~ Borrowed from Mama, Brown Dorothy Perkins pumps ~ Viatuzi



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be Still my Soul...

The Lord is on thy side...

Hello every one,

Hope you are having a great week so far!

Today am sharing my take on church wear and my favourite hymn "be still my soul" I always know it's going to be alright when I read it when am troubled about something.

I think it's a universal thinking that no matter what you wear all week, on Sunday you put on your Sunday's best to go Worship. I don't post a lot of my Sunday looks because lately I like sleeping-in late on Sundays and can't make it for the more formal morning masses, I prefer the more quite, cool, less formal evening mass, I find that am more focused then, it's not hot and stuffy and I don't have to dress up (even a fashionista needs a day off sometimes har har har).  But I do miss the morning mass and how energetic it is and the choir, so last Sunday me and my little family decided to spend the whole day together starting with the morning mass.

It's very important to follow your church dress code (no need kukwaza watu unnecessarily), there's nothing more embarrassing than being told to leave the church because you are deemed inappropriately dresses, in my church all hem-lines above the knees are a no-no, strapless dresses and spaghetti straps, off-shoulder blouses are also not allowed plus anything tight although you can get away with it if you are petite.

I'm wearing: Thrifted dress ~ JAMSA, Vintage Chanel purse ~ Gifted, Ring ~ Viatuzi, Glitter Heels ~ eBay 

Didnt have time to apply at least some makeup, always running late.