Friday, May 4, 2012

When in Doubt...

Hey Dolls,

Quick boring post of a boring outfit,

I have a love and hate relationship with this outfit, I really love the colour but I hate how it makes me look like a school girl. But seriously I really love long sleeved shirts especially striped men-wear inspired ones,So when we saw these women version in China I bought all the colours they had! I guess it comes with growing up in a house full of boys, I have never been a tomboy tho' which is weird, with me having four brothers and all I have always been a girly-girl!

Oh forgive the awkward expression on my face I had to ask the cleaning guy at the new office to take my pictures this time hahaha poor man...bless his heart!!

I'm wearing: Paul Smith striped shirt ~ H&M purple top ~ Thrifted Black skirt ~ Black Patent Miss Selfridges heels from viatuzi

I really Love this necklace also from viatuzi

As much as I love shirts, I do not like dressing like this often, because it's such a working girl outfit and as long as I don't have a strict dress code to stick to I had rather dress creatively but still look professional for a corporate job.

So guys get ready am going to bombard you with post after post this whole weekend!! The plan is to post on daily basis but most of the time am too exhausted and I have to wait till my very "helpfull" daughter is asleep to work in peace because she like to help me type :))  I would also like to do post on other stuff like shopping tips, how to organise your closet (like mine is ever organised haha) and also my inspiration and current trends and how to put your personal spin into them and my favourite how to re-invent you boring clothes and shoes...I recently added a bows on my old suede shoes and they look like new heels now and also painted the tip of my pointy BCBG pumps with Gold nail polish *Gasps*and now I have the coveted two toned metallic cap pointy toe pumps..can't wait to show you.

PS: if there's something specific you wanted to see on the blog am open for suggestions!




Kate said...

Hi Anitha,

lovely look, may be cos I usually lean on the "conservative working girl???!!!"....

quick question, what's your view on african prints/b2a?

oh, i do hope your cutesy daughter is 'less helpful' around this weekend, looking forward to tips on wardrobe organization (a battle i keep losing), teh teh

have a lovely friday

Anitha said...

Hey Kate,

Thanks love, LOL...Weekends its all about her she gets very demanding pulls me all over the place..quite a handfull! I love B2A print, I had some outfits made back in the days before all the rage but sadly they dont fit anymore the moment I only have one Kitenge shift dress that used to be my grandmas...but I do have a lot of new Khangas and Vitenges from mama and some nice designs ideas so will definetly be getting them made soon.

Anonymous said...

hello Anitha,,
put contant on your blog so that it makes easier for viewers to contact you.

Anitha said...

Hey Doll,

am working on it luv...but in the mean time you can email me at and I will call you or follow me on twitter @AnithasCloset...tweeting is much more fun!

Angie said...

I love your rasta, you are beautiful...salute

Anitha said...

aww sweet Thank you Angie...xo

nsia said...

..Aparently ave bin faithful on chekin out yo blog!.just know a galfrend suports!.gud work Anita,realy impresive!.I love the way yo original/ real!.bless ya n hi to the lito one!

Anitha said...

Hi Nsia...Thank you...really appreciate the support!! Much love!

Anonymous said...

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