Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome to the "Hood"

Hey Dolls,

I'm sorry that am not posting daily as promised, the weather is so very un-friendly for taking pics at the moment and I'm riding with my mother in the morning to work and she's not a patient person LOL! So I thought I should share what I wore last saturday...It was raining all day so wet and grey and to top it no Umeme so in the evening me and the boyfriend went to watch "Battleship" which was awesome!!!!!! I love action movies and not just because Ri-Ri is in it LOL! I just love her, love her punk style and I love that she didn't play a music role for her first major film bu a kick-ass weapons navy seal officer which was perfect for her! Have you seen the movie? what's your take on it?

This is me in casual no-fuss "gangsta"  look, very minimal everything,the bag conflicts with the tomboy look but add touch of chic-ness. I didn't like the pictures to be honest and the outfit was blah but something is better than nothing right?
Quilted Faux leather Chain strap Bag ~ Thrifted

Oxford Wedges ~ ALDO

I have this shoe in three colours Black, Brown and washed out olive...found them at an outlet market in China and I just couldn't decide which colour to take so I took them all. Whenever am not dealing with TZS I don't feel the price pinch until after when I do the currency conversion and then I go OMG!

the studded bangle ~ Shear Illusion Shoppers Plaza

With my little Blue Riding Hood aka Mini-Me Alyssa

Changed into these satin flats with diamante bows I found at Karume like two years ago for TZS 3500 when we got to Mlimani bad choice since satin and rain dont go well together. one of the bows was a bit damaged missing stones but I love bows so much I bought it, then I bought a cheap glass necklace with same size stones cut them off them and sewed them on the shoe and you cant even tell the difference now.

Thank you all for your lovely comments they really make my day and encourage me to keep going with the blog.

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Anonymous said...

binti umenifurahisha sana. Saluti nyingi, makofi mengi na busu mwaaa! U mbunifu wewe, unajiamini na uzuri wako na mwili wako (ufupi na katumbo) na mtindo wako wa maisha. Vya china twende, tandale twende, kinondoni twende, karume twende. Nimekupenda saaaana. Cha mia 3 unasema, cha dola 200 unasema, cha bure unasema. Unajiamini. Yaani unajitosha. Huhitaji kupigia picha kwenye sofa la hotel na kutuonyesha ndo kwenu. Huna wasiwasi mtoto!! Ile combination ya gauni toka china, viatu toka ulaya na kipochi toka karume nimeipenda. Napenda blogu zenye "purpose". Najua nikitaka fasheni na style niende 8020 na sasa anitha's closet. Nikitaka siasa jamii forum. Siyo blogu zingine... ngoja niishie hapa. YOURS IS THE SELF ESTEEM THAT I WISH OTHER WOMEN COULD HAVE. KEEP IT UP GIRLY!! It is my first time in your blog and I promise to keep on visiting.

Anitha said...

Hey Anony Thanks a lot am flattered...will do my best not to dissapoint!! Keep coming!!

Anitha said...

@Anony LoL uwii on the kitumbo part hehehehe I have no choice on that part haha! Thank you for the vote of confidence I appreciate it *blushing*...karibu sana here and keep coming!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG, u rock girlfriend!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

u ar going somewhere, and u'll reach far.

Anitha said...

Thank you!!

Anitha said...

Thank you Anony...God willing!!

Anonymous said...

unajua what i like from u...kitumbo+lips+macho!



Anitha said...

Hahaha Gluv! Thank yOu!

Cita said...

Hi Anitha i love ur tomboy look i can never pull t off actually i have never even tried so i dont knw if i can or cant pull t of hehehe,i love ur honesty n pure heart,n the fact that ur blog z abt ur closet n u keep us entertain wt ur closet u dont invade the privacy of others i salute u on dat.so am officially hooked n am gona tell everybody i meet on the plane frm today to visit this blog!(fashonistas or those who needs a fashion hand)love Cita

Anitha said...

Hi Cita, Thank you so much. You should definetly try it, you never know you might like it, key is to keep some parts of the look girlish so that it balances.