Monday, May 7, 2012

Tiger in the Woods...

Hey Dolls,

Cheesy tittle eeh? LOL, First off you should know it's saa tisa usiku and am up making this post (talk about commitment eeh) I need to be up in a couple of hours, very busy day ahead today.

Just a quick simple weekend outfit to go Mall-ing with the boyfriend. We watched The Iron Lady loh! what a boring movie! I actually fell just not a political auto-biography kinda person really! On a plus side I got cute hot pink loafers at Mr.Price where I also met a fan of my blog who recognised me and asked if I was Anitha Yeey!!!

Newlook animal print loafers ~ Viatuzi, After Shock London animal print bag ~ Finishing Touches Boutique, dress and cardigan bought in China. 
If you asked me what my favourite colour is I will tell you I don't have one, I just wear black a lot, not because it's my favourite but because it's a very basic no fuss colour, fits in any occasion and needs very little to spice it up. For this outfit I went all animale rrrrrrr. This bag is my absolute favourite!! I got it from this tiny cute boutique called Finishing Touches in Oysterbay shopping Centre, they have the cutest stuff but super pricey (wonder when they will be having a sale) hmm!



PS: Would you prefer I wrote in Kiswahili as well or this is okay? Let me know please on the comment section, you can also tweet me, or email me at


Kate said...

thumbs up for commitment, nothing sucks like trying to follow a blog and you realize the blogger visits less often than you do, ha!!...teh teh, wish you a blessed week anitha, full of inspirations and success....j'adore the black ensemble, i guess it ain't too hot in Dar?

and i heart the loafers(i'm a flat's person...just can't seem to find the heel's thrill-and yes, i still keep trying!!!!), so happy you met a fan, hope I get to meet you someday too, lol

i too do wish Tanzanian malls/boutiques had sales more often bana, daaaah

Anitha said...

hahaha Hi Kate...Thank you...I didnt post as often either in the beginning there was hardly any traffic except for my friends and it was discouraging.

Its not too hot for black now in Dar with the rain and all.

We could do with more sales in Dar, the day I hear Finishing Touches has a sale I will be the first one there LOL...they have seriously cute stuff and sooo unique all their clothes carry their own label.

Kenyan in Dar said...

I agree, FT has really adorable stuff but the prices put me off. I once saw a very lovely dress and the fit was perfect, but the price 350k?! No, thanks.

I think posting in English is very ok Anitha, I mean, who in this age and era has access to a computer and doesn't know English???

But if you would like to use Swahili as well, I suggest you translate your words/ sentences to English.

Keep up the commitment, it will pay off eventually.

Anitha said...

@Kenyan in Dar...Exactly the prices are unbeliavable at FT I always wonder who their regular clientelle are? There's a necklace I wanted there and it cost a whooping 150k a necklace!!!no precious metals its just lace and some stones and there was a blace lace blazer I wanted cost 250k...are you kidding me!? Told the sells girl to call me wthahen there's a sale please!

Kenyan in Dar said...

Even when there's a sale its not exactly cheap, cos u still have to part with hundreds of shs. Anyway, ndo ivo tena. If she didn't have customers she wouldn't still be open.

Gudday Anitha, duty calls;-)

Anonymous said...

Anitha, just few days back i discovered your blog from 8020, shamim featured u there.... the moment i open it, i fell in love with this blog right there like i have never visited a fashion blog before!! LOL...i like your writing skills when explaining something, its very catchy and jolly good.

Now coming to your qn regarding language, we all know swahili is the national language and all but come on girl...we are in the modern word and English is the way to go.

I would personally vote for English as the main language but hey! you can do Swahili subtitles if you want!!!LOL.. though not my favorite. Acha tuongee kiswahili nyumbani tukija huku tuongee lugha nyingine ili tuchangamshe ubongo ati!

Me love your style sana.

MG from Arusha

Anonymous said...

umependeza sana Anitha haswaaa na kitu mnyama.

Lilian Tarimo

Anitha said...

Asante Lily...xoxo

Anonymous said...

it was love at first sight when i opened this blog..i even mailed u on the same day (time? Lol) anyhow, regarding the language, it really depends with your audience, but again i see you are on chictopia and you could be pulling readers from elsewhere in the its up to u really, who you are targeting! btw i love the flow of ur stories on each post..keep up posting doll xo

Anitha said...

Thanks hun and you are right I kinda want readers from all over the place and not just TZ... I have thought of maybe putting swahili subtittles like romanian bloggers do hmm...Thanks for the feedback.


Anonymous said...

Anitha Darling,

I finally got to really read your blog and girl you got it going on!!

Love! Love! Loove it!

I especially love the stories and your chatty way of putting everything you need to say! I almost find myself wishing you would write articles for a fashion mag i'd buy......

Anywho, I enjoyed everything (especially the "thrifting" at Karume - i'll just have to tag along with you one of these days, lol!)

My regards to baby Alyssa and miss you so much..

Love Teddy...(from your old company ;))