Friday, May 25, 2012

Think like a Man...

Hello everyone!

So some little new age wisdom for you ladies "Act like a lady and Think like a man" I can't argue with that and can't wait for the movie, I loved the book even though never actually got around to finishing it but it was good! am just doing a men inspired tuxedo look.

My outfit for a Wednesday filled with back to back meetings with clients, getting lost in Mikocheni B looking for some office for like 40 minutes because I am so bad at taking directions, avoiding the traffic police who where everywhere because they always find some fault and getting busted just outside the office by the vodafasta police in their bike for passing a red light (which I didn't see coz I was busy talking on the fone S.M.H) and they let me go becaus e I "may" have led them to believe I was pregnant ...once gain the belly came to the rescue Tsk Tsk am sooo very shameful, will stay off chapati starting next week I promise LOL!!

I don't like the black skirt and white shirt combo for some reason I find it so uniform-ish and I being a rebel at heart don't do well with uniform situation. I got this waist coat in China I had no Idea how I was going to wear it and it has been sitting in my closet for the longest time (I have it in baby pink as well by the way) so out of impulse I was like mh let me just try it on and I liked it!..and it matched the exact black of my skirt and the material weaving is the same and a big plus it has a sheer back!. Also decided to give the ZARA tote a much deserved break and brought out this old darling bag of mine that I adore but I don't carry much because it gets dirty quickly and it's a major pain to clean.

I'm wearing: Black skirt ~ Thrifted, White Blouse and Black Long waist coat ~ From China, Dorothy Perkins Pumps ~ Viatuzi
Necklace and Bracelets ~ Viatuzi

I don't wear this necklace much and never against my skin because its made of fabric and I have no idea how to clean it if it ever gets dirty so I prefer to wear it over my collar

Bag (Old) ~ Thrifted from Tandika,

Sheer Back

Alyssa ~ director of photography

mama's little helper <3 carrying my flats for me! her shoes where sold out in pink on her size :(

Do you guys Like?

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Anonymous said...

lolest Anitha..!your story just left me laughing out loudest!you so funny..i love your sense of style and am inspired..keep it going!


Anitha said...

hahaha Thanks Angie!

Duchess Gabrielle said...

Such a funny story. My sister has the habit of wailing like a mad woman at traffic cops. She gets away with it all the time. I never have the guts.
Your daughter is soo cute. And congratulations on the TZ blog award.

Anitha said...

LOL...thanks Gabrielle. I have not been awarded, am just motivating people to nominate me.

Kate said...

hi hi hiiii, er may be we should keep the tummy, comes in handy at times, lol

love your outfit, so creative from the mundane black/white ensembles i'm used to...and the Dar heat ain't getting anywhere near you!!!!

crossing my fingers for you to get the award

Elsa said...

I got that hate of black and white too, but sometime u have to wear it lol!..
Love ur outfit like CEO of one company in japan hahahahahah wink to the story ur one big crazy.

Anitha said...

@Elsa hahaha you knooooowww!!!!;)

Anonymous said...

oooh !! dear your daughter is adorable !! I like her so much. and those blue shoes of hers are just fine !!
mdau wa USA :)

Anitha said...

Thank you!!@ mdau from USA...