Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love me Tender...

Hey Dolls,

Hows you weekend coming along? Doing anything fun? I went shopping today yeey! Woke up late and tried to make it to Bongo Shopaholic for the new stock I was so late all the cool stuff I wanted were taken dammit people are shopaholics no jokes!! I did however find a pair of wide leg high waist black pants in my size, also went to Karume where I got some really cute stuff wish I could do a haul video but in the mean time will post them on my facebook page so be sure to check it out!

I wore this yesterday, as you now know Friday I  always go all out or super casual depends on the mood really. This friday I was having bad mood swings so some colours were needed to cheer me up. This skirt is another one from Mama and I love the floral tropical print which is very IN right now. I also tried the mixed print trend wearing florals with polka dots on my shoes and I like how it turned out! the reason being the tangerine sash outlining my shoes kinda matches my belt and the colours of the Flowers on my skirt so it all merges together perfectly.

I'm wearing: H&M yellow vest, Vintage Skirt ~ From mama, Belt and Blazer ~ From China, New Look polkadot Slingbacks ~ Viatuzi, Earrings ~ Viatuzi, Scarf ~ From a kitchen party I attended last weekend, Estee Lauder Ptent Navy tote ~ Thrifted

I took out my rasta braids and I was so tempted to rock my Afro but the wig won LOL...maybe tommorow ;P

Hope you like the look, keep voting please!!

Have a lovely weekend!




Ticka said...

Loving that skirt!! Very pretty!

Kate said... Kenyan in Dar said few days ago, what's your shoe size again? teh teh

i'm eagerly waiting for your afro

Anitha said...

Thanks Ticka! I love your blog!! Thank you for visiting mine.

Anitha said...

Hahaha Thanks Kate! I actually stepped out with a messy uncombed afro today will post pics tommorOw or check them on twitter. Am size 7.5 US and 5 UK

Anonymous said...

My girl ...i love ur Friday fashion..the handbag,belt and top real rock girl..


Anitha said...

Thanks Dottie!

Kenyan in Dar said...

Love the skirt!

Anitha said...

Senkyuu doll!

Elsa said...

U knw for tz I can say this is the best fashion blog (Kwa wale tunaojua kusagula, got nice piece in affordable price)
Lookin fresshh, waiting for the give away, even I wont be the one winning pls consider me kho kho kho.. I need viks kingo here.

Anitha said...

@Elsa LoL...senkyuu senkyuu wow big honor...hahahaha on the giveaway sasa how do you know u won't win bana? Its will be a random number select kinda giveaway!