Monday, May 21, 2012

It's an Animal thing...

Hey there!!

How's your Monday? Blue? I know how you feel :P

Wore this to work last week, but the picture came out really dark so I didn't post them, this weekend  I finally figured out what mid-tone does so after adjusting it on the picture they cleared out nicely! You learn something new everyday :)

Black ruffled blouse ~ Thrifted, Beige Skirt ~ Thrifted, Animal Print belt ~ Thrifted, ZARA tote via Viatuzi

Mossimo for Target Patent Peep toe heels ~ TAUSI Mlimani City. my very first pair of over 50k TZS heels! I can't tell you how guilty I felt when I bought these and how I promised to never to buy another pair for a year and how I ended up being a regular at Viatuzi paying waaaay more with no shame or concern for my wallet LOL!!

I like over the knee skirts for work and in general really, not because am reserved Naaaah!! I wear a mini every once in a while and shortest shorts whenever am not in town haha! I feel pencil skirts make me look tall and they flatter my body than short skirts do.

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Anonymous said...

Looking gud Anitha the blouse is killing me,i luv all the outfit my dear.
Lilian Tarimo

Anitha said...

Asante Lily..niliinunua kwa mkaka mmoja alikuwa ananiuzia nguo bigbrother mambibo ila sasa kahamia Sinza kijiweni karibia na kona ya kwenda lion Hotel...huwa ana nguo nzuri sema toka nimehama ubungo naona mbali sana kwenda!

Anonymous said...

nzuri.mbona za wafupi tu