Friday, May 4, 2012

Good Deeds...

Double post!!

I want to start next week on a clean slate
So have you seen the movie "Good Deeds"? it made me shade a couple of mushy like that, you should see me when I watch Indian movies (yes I watch them - great costumes!)

I wore this to work on Wednesday, got my hair braided last weekend, and am really feeling the top knot/bun hair style, started out as a convenient way to keep my hair up for sleeping and shower and then I was like hmmm this is kinda chic etii and easy to do fuss and a change from my big hair lace wig! on this day I woke up with blocked nose and signs of a cough and the weather wasn't any good and the ACs at work would have made it worse so I pulled out the turtle neck and wool blazer, they are light but warm...I have had this blazer since college #hoarder-buried-alive :))))

I'm wearing: Blazer~Thrifted, turtleneck top~Thrifted, Black pencil skirt ~Thrifted, Belt Thrifted, Dororthy Perkins Heels from Viatuzi, bag ~ ZARA

I especially love the burnt orange lining of the blazer it adds a nice contrast to the olive green colour of the top and blazer and coordinates with my belt and shoes. Oh and I made that bracelet from old belts
Meet my little angel...Alyssa in her Jammies!

I have several black skirts in different silhouettes/shapes these are great for different quick styling and a must for any working girl.

This is what I do when am stuck in traffic take pictures of my self pouting LOL...found these old sunglasses in the car and broke the glass off to get these glass-less getting used to wearing lipstick on daily basis getting older might as well, it's a nice change!

Have a nice weekend Dolls, am heading to a girl's night out tonight with a bunch of my friends, excited!!




I saw a tutorial on making cap toes from another bloggers blog which was really amazing, so I decided to try it out on my old BCBG pumps that I dont wear anymore and I think it came out very well..what do you think guys...all you need is pair of pumps, masking tape (I used the regular transparent one) and nail polish and a very steady hand. just gotta smooth out the edges a bit and they will be perfect for another run with me.


Anonymous said...

jamani, may i have the link to the tutorial on cap toes? pls pls

Anitha said...

Hey doll...I have to look for it but you can search her blog for the video its

Akupendaye said...

Naminimeiona nimelia sana jamani loh

Kenyan in Dar said...

Love this whole look!

Totally chic!

Oh my, I did that DIY over the wkend too, saw it on Carlinn's Superficial Girls.

Totally effortless makeover that gives u "new" shoes instantly!

Anitha said...

@Kenyan in Dar thank you...oh yes carlinn did it too love her blog, am thinking of doing it on my boring black pumps as well!

Priscar said...

M sure gonna try this look...I love it!!N I jst the way ulivyo creative!!

Anitha said...

Awww Thanks Priscar!