Monday, May 14, 2012

Tribal Trouble...

Hi Everyone,

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!

Now that am a mother I absolutely love that there is a day just for us, being a mother is a full time job and we should be celebrated everyday really but a day will do.
My mom is the kinda woman that has her family on her mind like 24/7, you have problems she makes them her own and she worries for us, prays for us, she feels each of our heart breaks like they where hers, our pain is her pain and our joy and success likewise, I  honestly have to say I don't pray a lot as I should (ashamedly so) but my mother is very spiritual, super protective, prays a lot and I know that we are blessed because of her, she's the rock that keeps us safe from harm...I LOVE YOU mama more than words could ever explain...I can only hope to be half a woman you are.

Sorry for the Long speech just had to say that LOL...on to the good stuff, this was my Friday outfit.

Cropped Velvet Jacket/Borelo ~ Thrifted, Cuff Bracelet ~ Viatuzi, ~ Leather cuff bracelet ~ DIY, Earrings ~ Mr.Price

Foot Point peep toe Shoes ~ Street Machinga

I love this Vintage little Velvet Jacket mainly because of it's rich light weight Velvet fabric and most because of its colourful Tribal print pattern on it and especially because I got it for TZS 300/=!!!!! I kid you not! if that isn't a bargain I don't know what is...By the way if you are into thrifting for Vintage pieces then I recommend Tandika, they have the most interesting Vintage pieces and for the most ridiculous prices...I decided to layer my tank tops wore the high and longer purple underneath and the green on top for a colour block effect and to bring out all the colours in the Jacket. Purple shoes, and  aged brass accessories to bring out the metallic threads, I'm matchy-matchy like that can't help it!

Hope you like it...I would love to hear what you think leave me a comment please and don't forget to follow me on twitter @AnithasCloset

Me and my mom on Alyssa's First Birthday October 2010...<3




sia joachim said...

Anitha naona umemkumbuka mama haswa kwa ajili ya cku yao jana.mmependeza sn jmn.

Anonymous said...

Naona Mama anapata kilaji, kwa raha zake. Safiii sana

Anonymous said...

Naona Mama anapata kilaji, kwa raha zake. Safiii sana

Anonymous said...

Umependeza sana Anitha umecombine colour vizuri napenda zaidi pale unapokuwa mkweli kusema bei halisi ya kitu kikiwa cha bei rahisi wengi wanapost vitu vya bei za madolalo yaani umenunua cheap but classy,hongera sana.

Lilian Tarimo

Anitha said...

@Sia...Thank you mamie..Ilikuwa siku yetu na mimi si mama now hehehe!

@ Anony hehe yep dawa ya usingizi hiyo!

@ Lilian Tarimo...Asante mamie, I always want people to know that you dont have to spend a looot of money to look good.

elisa said...

Unapendeza mwenyewe,unajua kupangilia nguo !

Kate said...

belated happy mother's day to YOU!!!

mamaz are just the best jamani, hands down.....filial love

as fot that coat #wishiwerethesamesizeasyou#

Bahati said...

Love everything on u..super! super!
I have been following u for the past two weeks.Kinda of I am ur admirer.No matter the prices u bought the stuffs but for real u look superb..Love different places u go for ur outfits but surely they are mmh..lovely. Sometimes viatus where of course isnt cheap unless sale is on and sometimes Tandika where they are priceless but at the end of the day u look elegantly.Go Anitha!

Kenyan in Dar said...

Missed you mama Alyssa and happy belated Mothers Day!

Loving the vintage velvet jacket BTW!!

Anitha said...

@Elisa...Thank you!
@Kate...LoL thank you!! Best 300TZS spent ever!
@Bahati...aww Thank you I'm a shopaholic bargain hunter but when it comes to shoes my brain shuts down and I don't think kabisaa on prices LoL, I spend outregious amount of money on shoes. I'm a royal Viatuzi customer :)

Anitha said...

@Kenyan in Dar...Thanks hun!