Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back to Basics...

Hey Dolls,

Thanks a lot for the love, I really appreciate the support and your sweet comments.

When am having those "I have nothing to wear" days or I have an interview or a meeting I grab a shirt. Almost all my shirts are a bit masculine/boyfriend-ish, no fuss and very easy to wear, which is unusual of me since am all for the fuss in fact the fussier the better but then everyone has an off day and this is one for me, see how nimekunja sura in all the pics? and these are the good ones LOL!

I'm wearing: Shirt ~ Paul Smith, Black pencil skirt ~ Thrifted, Belt ~ no brand from China, Earrings ~ Mariedo

I love the mint colour of the stripes, Montine Watch ~  Emirates Duty free

Cathy Jean Pumps ~ Viatuzi

Alyssa is doing Neon today and sulking about me going to work :(

PS: I have finally managed to add the linkwithin at the bottom of the post so you can see some of my past posts as well, check them out! <3




Anonymous said...

Anitha babez uve got such a sweet lil angel aawww nimempenda, btw i luv i luv ur blog, slowly becoming an addict

Anonymous said...

Me too i have become addicted to this blog, nakupenda we dada yani upo simple na unapendeza sana....unaniinspire sana mamii

Mara ya kwanza niliona blog yako sijui kwa link gani but I thank shamimu kwa kukupa link pale kwake this has helped me kutembelea blog yako kirahisi sana....
I love your baby too na mie nina mtoto wa kike karibu anaringana na wako.
Mdau Musoma

Anitha said...

awwww asanteni sana jamani...I'm eternally grateful to Shamim for that!! I hope you dont go to rehab please hihihihi!

Anonymous said...

kwa kweli hata mie napita huku daily after seeing the link from zeze. you are doing great baby, hi to your little angle.

Anitha said...

Thank you! ntamsalimia :)))

Anonymous said...

an addict here as well....eagerly waiting for the next the blog doll xo

Anonymous said...

I ve just started visiting your blog in the past few days,,, but i have gone back and back and baaaaack,, i love what i see and enjoy this blog..
great job Anitha, i will be looking forward to visit it more frequent!!