Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Suspense...


 it's me again :D

Now in case you are wondering, I am still working on the giveaway I want it to be extra special, so be patient with me pretty please!!

these pictures were taken at the Harbours View hotel where we had training for the past two days, I had no Idea that it was so beautiful up there. I grabbed one of the security guards and dragged him up the garden to take my pictures (shamelessly) hahaha! the things I do for the blog, but he had fun as well. This whole outfit started from the bag...if you follow me on twitter then you know how super happy I was when I got it and at UCHUMI super market of all places! One minute am standing with my boyfriend discussing soaps one minute I Gasp loudly and run across the aisle and into those side boutiques at the back of the supermarket and asking the sales lady for it. I just couldn't believe it!! This bag!? here!!? The Celine Mini Luggage!? aka The smiley face bag aka The Robot face bag, of course it's not legit and I can't afford the legit one but I have been meaning to order an inspired one on eBay (a kind way of saying a cheap copy haha), so to see it there at UCHUMI and at the same price I would have ordered it online for love a first sight!!, besides I have been looking for another black bag to be taking shifts with my poor abused ZARA tote.

Here's Leighton Meister from Gossip Girls rocking her legit Large Celine Mini Luggage in navy blue and white also available in almost all colours imaginable, this baby retails for about USD 3000 more or less depending on the retailer. Mine is only TZS 95 thousands and Medium sized...and that is waaaay too much for my stingy self and for a copy albeit a very good quality one but sometimes love is love and I just don't think when am loving a shoe or a bag...I still want it in Navy blue and Olive green or sand coloured just beautiful!!

cheeky smile ;)

Cuff bracelet ~ Viatuzi, Ring ~ Mr.Price, Black and brass Rosette necklace ~Viatuzi, long double strand necklace ~ Gifted from a friend comes with the drop earrings. I love layering more than one necklace at a go. spices up an otherwise boring black and white outfit.

Wearing my favourite black pencil skirt, this skirt is on heavy rotation I wear it every week without fail, it needs a break!...when I bought it it had these suspender belts attached they can be attached and removed. I also noticed that I only have striped shirts and no single coloured ones am hunting for a white one now. I don't like short sleeved shirts and I don't like wearing long sleeved shirts all the way down, I always push the sleeves up my elbows for a laid back look.

Thrifted shirt ~Bigbrother mabibo, Thrifted pencil skirt ~ Manyanya, Cathy Jean pumps ~ Viatuzi

Sorry for writing a gazeti today, I get carried away sometimes ;P. I love receiveing emails from you and its so much fun chatting to you guys keep them coming!!

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Kiss your heart Goodbye...

Hello Darlings!!!!

Miss me? I sure did miss you!

I have been really busy with work lately, Targets to meet, meetings and training for the past two days and I have been super tired to post anything other than answer your comments and watermarking my pictures, they seem to be everywhere without credit :(  which means additional work on my part :(, I have tried different watermarks...what do you think?

I had no idea what to wear on Monday so on impulse I pulled this skirt out, I haven't worn it since last year and I was so sure It won't fit since I have gained so much weight since then, but I managed to zip it all the way and it's wide A-line shape can still accomodate me. but instead of mid waist I had to wear it like a high waist skirt which made it kinda short at the back. I really love this skirt the print on it is so beautiful and it has all my favourite colours Black and Grey (weird favourite colours right?ha)  I got it by exchanging a top for this skirt with another friend we went to China with.

Cathy Jean Black patent pumps ~ Viatuzi

Belt, Skirt and Bag all from China. I wore a bink version of this belt on my previous post Afro-disiac

Blouse thrifted ~ Sinza, worn before in my it's an Animal thing post...I had fun with the Afro, got a weave yesterday haha, what can I say this natural hair is just not my thing maybe once in a while.


Decided to change shoes last minute to my favourite suede peep toes with DIY bows to keep in line with the bow on my belt...I am addicted to bows :)))

I have a bunch of outfit posts scheduled up for today and tommorow. This blog is depriving me of sleep LOL*sigh *sigh, I want to start next week on a clean slate, so be sure to keep checking every once in a while.



Monday, May 28, 2012

Afro- disiac...

Hey Dolls,

How was your weekend? mine was great can't complain...just had to fight a big urge to rush to the saloon to get a weave. How cool and cheezy is the tittle!? LOL...ama have to download Brandy's "Aphrodisiac" song to be my ringtone during this Afro period...

Ever wondered how my real hair looks like? well wonder no more LOL......wore that on a Saturday full of never ending errands, work and a bit of shopping! I met two ladies who are fans of the blog and they were really sweet gosh! I heart moments like that *insert blushing face here* and then I get that living in a fish bowl feeling!!

I'm wearing: Grey bag, long pink cardigan and pink bow belt, two-tone gold cap toe ballet flats ~ all from China, Dress ~ JAMSA, Shades ~ ALDO

I got some great stuff at Karume on Saturday and a Celine mimi luggage inspired new bag at UCHUMI for an unbelievable price, I twitted the pic of the bag but will also post it on my facebook page along with all my mitumba goodies I got on saturday so be sure to check it out and LIKE the page.



Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love me Tender...

Hey Dolls,

Hows you weekend coming along? Doing anything fun? I went shopping today yeey! Woke up late and tried to make it to Bongo Shopaholic for the new stock I was so late all the cool stuff I wanted were taken dammit people are shopaholics no jokes!! I did however find a pair of wide leg high waist black pants in my size, also went to Karume where I got some really cute stuff wish I could do a haul video but in the mean time will post them on my facebook page so be sure to check it out!

I wore this yesterday, as you now know Friday I  always go all out or super casual depends on the mood really. This friday I was having bad mood swings so some colours were needed to cheer me up. This skirt is another one from Mama and I love the floral tropical print which is very IN right now. I also tried the mixed print trend wearing florals with polka dots on my shoes and I like how it turned out! the reason being the tangerine sash outlining my shoes kinda matches my belt and the colours of the Flowers on my skirt so it all merges together perfectly.

I'm wearing: H&M yellow vest, Vintage Skirt ~ From mama, Belt and Blazer ~ From China, New Look polkadot Slingbacks ~ Viatuzi, Earrings ~ Viatuzi, Scarf ~ From a kitchen party I attended last weekend, Estee Lauder Ptent Navy tote ~ Thrifted

I took out my rasta braids and I was so tempted to rock my Afro but the wig won LOL...maybe tommorow ;P

Hope you like the look, keep voting please!!

Have a lovely weekend!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Think like a Man...

Hello everyone!

So some little new age wisdom for you ladies "Act like a lady and Think like a man" I can't argue with that and can't wait for the movie, I loved the book even though never actually got around to finishing it but it was good! am just doing a men inspired tuxedo look.

My outfit for a Wednesday filled with back to back meetings with clients, getting lost in Mikocheni B looking for some office for like 40 minutes because I am so bad at taking directions, avoiding the traffic police who where everywhere because they always find some fault and getting busted just outside the office by the vodafasta police in their bike for passing a red light (which I didn't see coz I was busy talking on the fone S.M.H) and they let me go becaus e I "may" have led them to believe I was pregnant ...once gain the belly came to the rescue Tsk Tsk am sooo very shameful, will stay off chapati starting next week I promise LOL!!

I don't like the black skirt and white shirt combo for some reason I find it so uniform-ish and I being a rebel at heart don't do well with uniform situation. I got this waist coat in China I had no Idea how I was going to wear it and it has been sitting in my closet for the longest time (I have it in baby pink as well by the way) so out of impulse I was like mh let me just try it on and I liked it!..and it matched the exact black of my skirt and the material weaving is the same and a big plus it has a sheer back!. Also decided to give the ZARA tote a much deserved break and brought out this old darling bag of mine that I adore but I don't carry much because it gets dirty quickly and it's a major pain to clean.

I'm wearing: Black skirt ~ Thrifted, White Blouse and Black Long waist coat ~ From China, Dorothy Perkins Pumps ~ Viatuzi
Necklace and Bracelets ~ Viatuzi

I don't wear this necklace much and never against my skin because its made of fabric and I have no idea how to clean it if it ever gets dirty so I prefer to wear it over my collar

Bag (Old) ~ Thrifted from Tandika,

Sheer Back

Alyssa ~ director of photography

mama's little helper <3 carrying my flats for me! her shoes where sold out in pink on her size :(

Do you guys Like?

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweet Chocolate...

Hello dearest readers,

I'm not feeling very well today, in fact I wish I could stay right here in my sheets and not go to work today, all I want is sleep and tea, lots of tea! I am notorious about not taking medicine, I literally have to be close to passing out with pain before I take pain killers so am toughening up here but just in case I have them on stand by.

I wore this on Monday to work, I wanted a break from my usual black skirts and wanted some colours on. I have been dying to wear that shirt dress from JAMSA for a while now.
Im wearing: Thrifted shirt dress worn as a blouse ~ JAMSA, Chocolate brown skirt ~ ZARA Basic (Old), orange skinny belt and Grey messenger handbag ~ China, Internacionale heels ~ Viatuzi

I love love love these shoes but I wish I had gotten them in a size 6, am a size 5 but for some shoe brands like ZARA and ALDO i always have to go a size up because they are cut so small and tight, but internacionale always fit to size except for this shoe, I tried ordering a size 6 but they were sold out :( so instead of leaving it, I have had to have this shoe stretched twice!! once at Mayfair they  just made it worse and then i took them to oysterbay shoe repair and they stretched them better... now they are more wearable!!

Hope you like it!