Tuesday, April 17, 2012

you Tarzan...me Jane...

Hello darlings,

Last Saturday I went to a wedding reception of a good friend Irene (now Mrs. Manyi) at Quality centre Mall. It was a beautiful reception, small and intimate filled with friends and family, very on point and on time as well! unfortunately I didn't go with my camera because am extremely shy about walking around taking pictures and especially in six inch new heels so I kept worrying that I would fall off and embarrass my self! hopefully when she gets back from the honeymoon she will share some of the pics. Anyways this is what I wore...kept it very simple and basic which is so unusual of me that I kept wanting to add something on and had to restrain myself. My mom saw me and said the dress is too short (really mama I have seen your old pictures haha) and my youngest brother said my dress looks like Tarzan's outfit from the cartoon (hence the tittle LOL)

I bought this dress in china, its supposed to come with a belt but the sales lady forgot to put it in the package and I only noticed it was missing when we were already back in Dar :( its very soft and airy and yes Pastel...am not sure what this colour is Grey?Silver? Ombre?

Ring from Viatuzi, faux pearl studs from a random street machinga.

Rhinestone bracelet from viatuzi and vintage Italian made leather clutch - thrifted from Karume

Glitter platform heels from ebay, I ordered these especially for this dress.

Wishing the newly wed a "happily ever after"...God bless!!





very cute and classy :-)


Anitha said...
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Anitha said...

Thank you I love your blog!