Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Bloom...

Hey Dolls,

how's your Easter long weekend coming along? Hope all is well with you and that you are blessed this Easter and always.

I wore this  outfit last Friday, it's such a fun bright outfit. The cover-up is another JAMSA finds, remember I told you on my flower power post about my friend who has a thrift/second hand clothes store in Kinondoni right!? Well this cover-up is one of the things I got there. Wearing it with another H&M vest (told you I have these in almost every colour,best investment ever) they go with everything and are long enough to be worn like a bodycon dress for the daring ones hehe...will definetly try that one of these days not during the day of course haha!

This bag has to be my favourite Thrift finds, its big, in classic Channel-inspired quilted flap bag with a chain strap yum yum bag what's not to love? got this baby at Karume for TZS 10,000/- unbelievable right!? anyways if you ever want to go thrift shopping and are clueless about where to go, drop me an email and I will be happy to assist.

Crucifix earrings present from Bahati (Thanks mama Michael), Mint Beaded Bracelet and necklace set from Viatuzi
was feeling adventurous and had my nails painted green, I actually wanted mint or nude but they didn't have any so I went for this instead.
I'm wearing Floral cover-up/ kimono from Jamsa-kinondoni, H&M tank vest, Black Skinny Jeans random brand bought in Sinza, Fiore bubblegum pink platform heels from Viatuzi

Stay Blessed




Cori said...

Hello Anitha,

Hope you and the family are doing well.

I was going to ask, where exactly in dar do you go thrifting? And at what times?

Pls pls pls reply.

Anitha Anthony said...

Hello Cori,

sorry for such a late response, I thrift anywhere I see clothes but my favourite place has to be Karume, I dont have a specific time I go thrifting whenever am bored or have some time I would go thrifting, my office used to be close to Karume so I would go most evenings after work its very relaxing then because theren't too many people, its not too hot and they are starting to close so I see things easier...I also thrift at Bongoshopaholics kijitonyama she has amazing taste she gets her stuff from Nairobi...