Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I got the Blues...

oh yeah oh yeah, I got the blues...

I don't know if there's a song with that tittle, I just jacked that from "I got the moves like Jagger" by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera which is my absolute favourite song.

Sorry about the more that usual cloudy pictures ,my camera is defecting yet again and sadly I threw out my purchase receipt and box so I don't know if I can take it back to GAME for my guarantee. These pictures were taken by my blackberry...I now have the Nikon SLR in my wish-list among so many other things I want to gift myself this year, after all who will love you more than yourself right!?
Back to the outfit, have you heard of the tonal trend? it's different from colour-blocking where you wear different crashing colours in one look (best trend ever, may it never go out of fashion), The Tonal trend is when you wear the same colour but in different shades (tones) so its matchy-matchy but not quite matchy-matchy if that makes sense at all.

This look is more administrative/spinster librarian kinda look LOL...button up shirts are very in right now so I thought I should give it a try, I didn't like it much tho' I always have three buttons open on my shirts and my sleeves pushed up my elbows so this is very uncomfortable for me but I really like this shirt (another JAMSA find) the material is very good cotton with a bit of elastine, I especially like the Gold LV buttons.

JAMSA light blue shirt (thrifted), Navy blue Skirt (thrifted),

Dark blue Candie suede platform peep toe heels gifted by Vivette (Thanks mama Russell!) 

Michael Kors watch bought online via ioffer, studded black leather skinny belt from French Gallery ShopperzPlaza

changed into flats to run errands in town and unbuttoned my collar

Primark plastic flats (vibajaji hehe)...I ordered these via a friend in three colours and I absolutely love them, they are very comfy but not to be worn out on a sunny day. As much as I love heels I always make sure to have a pair of flats around, I mean I only have two legs gotta be kind to them.



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