Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter...

A double post again...

when my Internet connection gives me a break and actually works I take advantage...

This is what I quickly put together for church, I like sleeping in late on Sundays and go for the evening mass which is more casual, less people and much cooler...but Easter we all go for the morning mass, so it's hectic getting me and my naughty daughter ready fast to make it for mass. I finally got to wear my new pretty hot pink pumps and my channel clutch that I have been nagging Salama to give me for ages (Thanks Mrs.Banjoko...I loove it). I changed my hair to go out later on.

Thrifted Herve Bernard silk scarf worn as a headband, drop earrings from Shear illusions Shoppers Plaza, Floral stoned bracelet from the now closed Truworth Mlimani...can't say we will miss it tho' urgh over priced much!!?

Thrifted hot pink satin,sheer chiffon blouse and black skirt

New look heels

my (faux) Channel clutch from Salama...I heart!

All pictures by my youngest brother Amphy (Thanks Mendoza!), It's always great when all my brothers come home for the holidays, the house becomes alive and very loud, it's so quite without them at least we have Alyssa to shake things up.

Happy Easter!



Anonymous said...

Loving stuff!!

Anitha said...

thank you!!