Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Cloud has a Silver lining...

So here I am,

28 years old (technically am 29 this october but theres no need to rush it LOL) and finally ready to leave my employer of five years, I'm excited and nervous. It has been (mostly) good five years since I joined this bank, I am now ready to step out of the comfort zone and face new challenges, I kinda feel like when I found out I was going to be a mother and I had no clue what lay ahead but God has been good to me, there isn't a fire he hasn't seen me through and I am ever thankful. So friday was my last official day as an employee at my current company and I wanted to dress up for it one last time in sad but chic colours. 

I'm wearing: White Pioneer T-shirt, Thrifted Silver grey blazer, no brand satin black pants via Camaro boutique
Identity rings and Valmeline Clutch (looks like Coach yeah? I have had this clutch since college)

Asos grey/silver satin platform heels from Viatuzi

Black bejewelled flower necklace from Maya Vintage - Shoppers Plaza

Salama a.k.a Mrs. Banjoko and Bahati a.k.a Mama Michael took me out to lunch at Epid'or on my last day at work, I am trully going to miss these ladies, They are my friends, my sounding board, confidants, diet buddies, photographers and everything in between, will miss you guys :=( but yeey for BBM, girls night's out and play dates.

The food here is always soo good, and no matter what else we eat we always have the shish tawouk yuuuumy!!

That's all folks, am off to a new place so I probably won't be doing outfit posts on the daily but will try my best, I also took my sh!tty camera back to game they say I can have it back in 20 days or so or get a new one so in the mean time be content with the blackberry ones.

May God bless us all!




Anonymous said...

All the best Anitha.May your wish come true and your courage bring success in ua new business...!!!

chicangel203 said...

hey, i love the blazer, ur lookn really good as always

Anitha said...

thank you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I always like the way you dress up. i am a big fun of your blog its simple and fun to read. keep up the good work- Mama watatu- Houston TX


hey annita i would like to speak with you plz reply me