Thursday, April 19, 2012

At the end of the Rainbow...


This outfit has to be the fastest outfit I ever constructed, I was running late (AGAIN!!) had no idea what I was going to wear, all my clothes are now in giant piles all over my room so it's impossible to look for anything. To top it all I woke up too early not because I wanted to, but because there was a huge rat in my sitting room urghhh!! I hate rats, am terrified of rats, so I just couldn't sleep anymore, I kept opening the door and peeking to see if it's gone but no luck this ugly black thing kept running around the place...It's time we get a cat, we need one otherwise I will loose my mind. So anyways back to the outfit It all started with the skirt, then I saw the top, then by chance I saw the scarf lying on the floor left there by my adorable daughter (it's her favourite!) she was in a good mood so she let me have it without crying her head off, though I had to bribe her with my old uniform scarf.

I usually wear smaller studs when wearing a statement necklace but lately I am going for more is more look (exces-sorizing) and am loving it. The earrings are ethnic ~ made locally from coloured straw, necklace ~ bought in China and Harve Bernard silk scarf ~ Thrifted

The belt is actually coral red but it came out orang-ey in the pictures

Topshop white top, caramel skirt ~ thrifted, Black waist coat ~ Thrifted, Beige internacionale pumps ~ viatuzi, Michael kors watch ~ ioffer 

Hope the colours brighten up your day as they did mine,

All pictures thanks to Judith the cleaning lady who is now becoming my photog when everyone is too busy to come with me to the roof :)


Anonymous said...

I like all the pics...ila hii ya mwisho,i smiled kabisa!


Anitha said...

Thanks Gluv, :))